Learning to take action

When I am reading something from which I want to learn, I tend to sit with a note pad and paper and write down any idea’s that pop into my little brain while I am reading.
So yesterday I was sitting in the sunshine eating my lunch, looking at the snow on the peeks of the Pyrenees, reading my Dan Bradbury’s Inner circle newsletter for May, with pen at the ready (yes I know I am lucky to live here!)
Firstly ..cool! 3 new cds to listen to ..will listen to those later
Reading through the newsletter my mind starts buzzing and I have to put my fork down to pick up my pen!
It is all good stuff but these points make it on to my to do list:
 Devise a questionnaire or survey that I can send to my new free e-course members that will give me more information about them. I can then use this information to mould my sales techniques around and maybe use it to create some new products
Find out what they want (FOWTW) Go get it (GGI) Give it to them (GITT) (from Keith Cunningham)
I think this is a great idea and so easy – when I heard about using surveymonkey.com before I couldn’t see how I could use this idea without a list. But now I can see that using a simple survey will a tune me to my customers (especially those who haven’t bought from me yet)

 Start recording my Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for my business – I am an accountant and I haven’t been doing this..what was I thinking? ..dooh!
Before I beat myself up too much, I must say that I really, up to this point did not have a huge amount to record. I have just started a PPC (pay-per-click) advert campaign so I am now recording all my data and tweaking and recording as I go.
I have set up a spreadsheet to record my other indicators such as turnover, expenses etc
What I hadn’t been recording was New customers & repeat customers (although these are all recorded on my autoresponder) it is nice to periodically update a spreadsheet so that they are all in one place. So I have noted my diary and once every month I am going to update my full set of KPI’s AND take action where needed

 Have some time out – I have been obsessing about my website and products and it has taken over my life. I know that it is important and I have really enjoyed building my website but I now recognise that it is time to pull back a little.
So I immediately sent my husband, Ian down the shops (I am still too busy on the computer!) to get some painting canvases and some paints so that I can start a new hobby. I am pretty rubbish at painting but I like abstract art ..I can do splodges! So I am excited and I am determined to do this for me.

 Contact some potential Joint Venture groups. I have a few contacts that I really would love to do joint ventures with, but to be perfectly honest I am a little in awe of them and a little afraid – however after reading the article I am feeling a little bit braver and I am in the process of writing to 2 of them and then I will do a follow up call. (oh no , I have told you all now so I will have to do it!!)
At the end of the day all I can do is ask and there are only 3 responses that they can give – Yes, No , or Maybe. If YES ..yippee, if NO..I am no worse off then I was before I asked!
If Maybe ..maybe’s just need a bit more influence to become a YES. So go ask!

What does amaze me, is that the newsletter is crammed full of information, most of it I do know already but just haven’t used or practiced. A few months ago I would have just tossed the above aside but today I am ready to hear them. I think this is a combination of :
a) Where I am now in my business & personal life
b) How the message is told – whether it is in written or verbal form or even by someone else and the phrasing.
So I am taking action …watch this space

Become who you want to be – live your life NOW
Karen Goddard
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