Will my legs take it?

I have never been that keen on exercise ..I think it stems from when I as a kid..
I have always been tall and gangly ..my arm and legs getting in the way and often falling over nothing.

When I run I look like so strange lumbering flightless bird ..not graceful or nimble.
At school I hated being tall ..always being picked to be in goal in the net ball team, always last to be picked on anything too energetic ..I know now it was because that was the vibe that I was putting out there
..hating every minute ..amazing how tummy ache or headaches appeared on a PE day!

Anyway ..now I am a grown up (!) I have taken that dislike of exercise with me ..I believe that I am not that coordinated & therefore tennis, badminton etc is difficult ..but mainly by biggest problem is just being embarrassed.. I hate looking stupid. ..

T Harv Eker quote : How you do anything is how you do everything !

..and this is so true ..I stop myself doing things because I am embarrassed.
I hate the thought of people not liking me and feeling vulnerable ..
but the truth is …no one really cares ..no one really takes that much notice ..and if they do it is for a fraction of a second ..so….
…time to get over myself and get on with it!

So back to exercise ..I have been getting fitter walking the dog ..I love the countryside here so that one is easy.
As our car has broken down & the garage man is being typically French …lots of ohh & ahhing and looking perplexed and head shaking ..we have been with out the car for 9 days now & we live in the middle of nowhere ..hmmmm going a little stir crazy me thinks!

So today is the day ..when my Dad needs a prescription filled and we are down to our last 6 slices of bread ..so today we are having a family outing on on byclettes and cycling down to the local supermarket (about 1 hour away) ….can’t say I am looking forward to it but I know it ain’t a big deal and I know that if I see the outcome in my mind as being achieved it will be .
So think of me this afternoon and pray that the shop is open when we get there (French opening times are very spasmodic at the best of times ) ..and that my poor legs & bottom survive an hour on the bike !
….Tour De France …here I come!