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I was recently having a conversation with a friend about how so many people struggle with getting clients and building a following, and how even when they know what they should do they still don’t do it!

So why is this? Is it because they are fearful of success for some reason? ..they say they want success, they even tell themselves that they want it ..but still they don’t step up and take the action.

One of the easiest ways to increase your followers is to help other people.

A) Help your clients to find the answers to their problems

B) Help your peers

The first one is well publicized ..find out what your customers want and give it to them ..easy peasy (well most of the time!)

It takes some work to research what your customers want, but with the online information readily available then the world is just waiting to share with you.

So; get an idea, check out your potential customers (just because you think it is a great idea doesn’t mean it is) research it well, who are your customers, who are your competition?

then away you go ..but you need a strategy (I am happy to recommend a few people who can help you ..just drop me a line)

Which brings me to my second point your peers to some people this can be a little more tricky to understand.

..So what do I mean ..well, whatever your niche or business that you are in, there will be complimentary businesses that run beside it for instance ..a website designer could have contacts who are copywriters ..or a manufacturer of paint could team up with a paint brush maker

You see they just seem to fit once you have established who/what compliments your business ..go ask them are few tips:

Be friendly

People buy from people friendly, build the relationship

Ask how you can help them (not the other way around!)

If you ask someone for a favour ..they may say Yes ..but they are more likely to say Yes if it is a win:win situation ..which is where bartering comes into play…

So if I have a copy writing service and you have an online business ….I may ask you if you would like me to write x amount of copy for you and in exchange perhaps you could promote my services to your customers

..see get the idea …think outside the box else could you help them

If you are offering to pay them as an affiliate is this something that will interest them ? Is it appropriate? Just keep asking …how can I help them mum always said ..what goes around comes around nice to people, help people and you will be rewarded

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Is failure the new success?

Yes it is a strange title but I have recently read a few article, books & blogs all shouting from the roof tops that to fail is a positive thing.
Let me explain:  it has been said that by failing you come one step nearer to getting the results that you want.  The guy who made post-its (sticky yellow notelets) was meant to be finding a “super” adhesive but actually made the opposite and took the opportunity to turn the idea around.  So moved from failure to success.

I have also read this week that it is not failure but feedback – which again I get, however you do need to be in the right mind set to deal with this and be ready to ask a whole new set of questions to yourself.

For instance by failing to get a date with that girl may well be a blow to your ego, the questions you should be asking yourself are:

Visual:   How was my appearance?  Could I have looked better?

Sound:   How did I sound?  Was I abrupt?  Was I friendly?  Was I argumentative? – Could I have been friendlier/softer

Content:   Could I have asked her out in a different way ?

Timing:   Was the timing right? What had she/you both just been doing ?  Was she rushing off somewhere?

Preparation:  Was I truly prepared

The idea is not to beat yourself up about the failure, but to ask yourself some quality questions that could help you to learn from the experience & do better next time.

It is relevant to all issues, listen only to your own “helpful” criticism, do not let yourself talk negative talk to yourself ..remember this is learning ..remember learning is you will do it better

Everything that you do in life can either be a success or a failure ..I know which one I prefer.