My online community

You know when you look at something and you just get the feeling that something good is going to come from all of this …

Well yesterday I had one of those days 😉

I was reading a report that my friend had sent to me to include as part of my launch process for my Business Seminar in September (quick plug ..hehe!.. find out more..  And I realised that I am surrounded by some really amazing people who just want to help me and everyone else ..what a fantastic concept!

I left the UK 2 years ago, I fancied a change in my life and the gloom and aggression that was surrounding my work life (hey being an accountant can be tough you know!) and the media reporting doom and disaster everywhere, I fancied a step back in time we ended up here in rural France, in the middle of nowhere, with snail’s pace Internet Connection and where shops shut for 2 hours at lunch time and not a DIY shop open on a Sunday!

The French here don’t seem to be as materialistic as we are in the UK, there are no pubs like in Britain and the way of life is based on family values and spending time together.

But ..a lot of the things that I disliked the UK for, are the exact things that I miss ..I miss 24 hour Tescos around the corner, I miss going to  the pub on a sunny evening with my friends, I miss having everything so instantly accessable.

In forging my new life here I have built my business mainly through social media.  I have surrounded myself with an online community who are interested in Personal Development.  They are supportive and caring, they want you to learn and grow, and most aren’t just trying to make a quick buck ..all the things that I wanted when living in the UK ..are right here online.

In building my business, I have asked my online community for support, for their input and advice..each time I have got this without question..from people I have never met or have only met because I spoke to them online first.

My community is fantastic, in the real world of commerce and enterprise, I found that this support only exists in rare situation but in the cyber world  (well my one anyway) it certainly does!

..people only achieve things when they help others – great things are coming 😉

How to fill, plan and sell your workshops

I know that you are interested in seminars… that’s why you subscribed to my website,
That tells me you are interested in personally learning all that you can;
You want to improve yourself as well as your business,
and it may even be that you give presentations and hold
workshop events yourself. And if you don’t, maybe it is something worth thinking about?

So why am I asking you this?

Because, based on my experience, you may be surprised at how it can expand your business and your income.

Let me explain… by sharing with you a little a bit about how I got into this

It all started back in January 2006, when I first started my business.

I was working as an accountant for Local Government, I loved the job but
hated the office politics and the daily 3 hour commute on the M25!

I had started, part-time, my “Life Coaching” business and loved helping
people to see what they truly wanted out of life and how they could
actually achieve it, rather than having it as just a “dream”.

Working as a part-time coach was frustrating as I just couldn’t find
enough time to help the number of people that I wanted to… Something
had to go…

Yep..The accountancy job..

Now giving up a very lucrative job with a steady income is quite scary.
so I had to “think out side the marmite jar” (hey, I hate clichés)

So I decided to run a small workshop – using my skills as a coach I knew
I could help more than 1 person at a time and gain a nice payday to
replace some of that “security” I’d lost with no longer having my full-time job!

I should point out… I had:

* No money to spend

* No database to speak of

* No way of taking payments

To say I was starting from scratch would be an understatement!

But even with all these factors working against me, using
the Super Seminar System I developed I managed to put 37
people in the room.

The best part was they absolutely LOVED the seminar, and so did I and…

I Made £9,728 In Sales In One Day!

Not life changing, but not bad for my first seminar!

From then on my business started to grow, as did my confidence,
as well as my bank balance!

I was surprised how effective running a seminar could be; how being able to
share my knowledge and experience, as well as my successes and failures,
allowed me to help a lot of people and I got so much personal satisfaction out of the process too.

I realised that a lot of business owners could do exactly what I have done.
Sharing your knowledge is so rewarding both financially as well as emotionally.

So I put together a comprehensive workshop that could help you to create
a profitable sideline to your business by using the same system I’ve used so successfully.
You’ll be surprised at how effective my Super Seminar System is as I demonstrate
exactly how to use it.

By following the steps I reveal, you will ultimately

Attract more customers
Increase your credibility in your industry
Increase sales for your business
Make more money through ticket sales
Help more people

If this is something that appeals to you, then I urge you to ‘jump the
queue’ and register your interest (you are not committing to attend at this stage) because,
as I explain below, I do have to limit the number of places.
Register your interest here

So, why am I asking you to register?

Because I am making this a very exclusive ‘hands-on’ workshop.

I want to make sure that each and every person attending this event
goes away with ALL the knowledge they need to implement this process
and make it work for them the very first time.

You see, I don’t want you to suffer the embarrassment (and potential financial disaster) that the organisers of the Rock4Life Festival must have felt. You may have seen in the news and on TV they had to cancel their concert, which was set to be held on 1st & 2nd May 2010, due to not selling enough tickets. Ouch!

I also I want to have enough time to answer any AND ALL questions that spring to your mind during this interactive workshop. Yes, this is a practical workshop, not just a presentation that you sit and listen to, which means you leave the event with all the detail you need and, more importantly, all your questions answered.

Now you can see why I have to limit the number of attendees, can’t you?

But, the thing is, I have to be fair to every one of my subscribers. So this invitation is going out to all 3183 people, even though I am only accepting a maximum of 50 delegates.

But you can get ahead of the crowd simply by registering your interest. Doing so means you get 6 hours advance notice of the sales page. Yes – I will send you a private email with the sales page URL before it goes out live to the subscribers who have not taken the time to register.

And, in addition, as a thank you for taking action and letting me know
you are interested, I will also give you a special early bird ticket price. I reckon, because you registered, you are a person who takes decisive action and that means you are far more likely to use this information to get impressive results (I can’t wait to hear your success story).

I am so excitted about sharing this unbeatable system with you and I look forward to getting to know you in person… it’s going to be a fun event!

Seminars don’t work unless you take action

logo (191 x 314)
So why create the website?
About 6 years ago I had no idea what personal development was –infact most of the seminars that I now share with you would have been a complete mystery to me.
Then one day I was doing my favourite thing…shopping –in fact TV home shopping, and I stopped on a channel that was showing this huge American guy bounding aound the screen being really excited and telling me that I could change my life and decide exactly who I want to be rather than just going with the flow. Now being the true shopperholic that I am – I of course, order the Anthony Robbins –Get The Edge and subscribed to the Power Talk cds each month….
WOW ..When I listened to them I was amazed.. I could actually design my own life? ..why didn’t everyone know about this ?..Unfortunately most of my friends thought I had lost my mind but my husband Ian, just supported me as usual and watched the explosion
So listening wasn’t enough ..You have to take action..(that’s the difficult part they didn’t tell you on the informacial!) One step at a time and hey you climb that mountain & that is what I did.
I went from being a person who thought that they were unmemorable to believing in myself and knowing that I am worthy of being remembered
I was a finance officer earning just enough to pay the mortgage; I re-evaluated what I wanted to do, re-trained and became an accountant.
I developed a fantastic, honest, loving, caring relationship with my husband
I learned, through seminars,DVD’s and books about the Law of Attraction, NLP,I trained as a life coach, I learned Stock Market Trading, Property investment and how to build a website.
Knowledge had become the oil in my engine but Action had become my wheels.
Last Year we moved to France. Giving up the day job & taking a deep breathe we took the plunge. Life is fantastic, we visit England once a month so that we can attend seminars and meetings ..which is actually how I came to write my website
I like to book our flights in advance and so that we get a good deal (see shopperholic a bargin!) but I also want to make sure that I can get a seminar boost while I am in the problem was I had to look on about 10 different site to find what I wanted .. the result , I still go to those 10 different sites to find out what is on & where but now I record it for you as well!
I owe everything in my life to having learned so much from seminars and workshops that I just want to ensure that you get the same opportunities that I did.
So check out and see what events are on near you
Its FREE to join and FREE to share events ..all I ask is that you tell a friend (or if you are a business owner, tell your client list)
Learn, take action & live your life to the full!

Praise where praise is due.. to you!


I have just spent the weekend in the UK attending a great FREE seminar. There were 12 speakers, all multi-millionaire’s and obviously all promoting something..but WOW what gems they gave us, I learnt about Internet marketing,property, passive investments,tax avoidance (wow), business setups and stock market trading (already done that one but hey always a good reminder).

The whole experience was amazing.  Not only did I learn loads of hot tips, I also met loads of great people and hob-nobbing with successful people who walk their talk and actually started out from the same place as me is always completely inspiring.

This time last year I attended a Anthony Robbins UPW seminar which was brilliant,  I have just re-read my note that I took and I was a little ashamed to admit how little I have really done to get to my goal.  However after discussing with Ian (my husband) he pointed out that actually we have achieved quite alot;

  • We made a decision ..yes drums roll…In may 2009, I gave up my £40K+ job as an accountant and we moved to France from England
  • I have set up my website
  • We attended 2 major seminars
  • I studied NLP
  • I studied speed reading
  • I have directly helped  people to change their lives through my coaching this year
  • I have met some great people who will change my life in the future
  • I have made some  decisions regarding my health, my business and my relationships
  • We celebarated 10 years of marriage
  • I read at least 20 life changing/inspirational books

So I have acheived loads..unfortunatley we are not brought up to say “Well done me” to blow our own trumpet, to praise ourselves and celebrate when we are great…as Joseph McClendon tells to say…

You Freakin Rock!


Empower yourself..believe in what you do and you can achieve what ever you desire

..with love

Karen Goddard