Get value

I have studied marketing previously & I know how easy it is for someone to write an ebook, set up a website etc with very little hands on knowledge about their actual subject – research via the Internet is a wonderful thing. It is also a scary thing when I consider how many ebooks I have read & taken notice of over the years and now knowing that  they could have actually been written by someone just taking information and re-wording it from various Internet sources with out knowing anything!

My questions to you is : what makes your expertise genuine – now don’t take me wrong – I am not accusing you of anything but I am simply asking ..what qualifies you.

I am currently in-negotiation with a lovely chap who is going to look at my website and how I market it, my question to him is why should I choose you – what makes you the best?

As a coach I know that I want to give my client value for money, quality help,advice and support as they need it, I have studied, learnt, listened, attended seminars, taken action, read and spent many long night contemplating the world and what I want out of it.

The fact that you are ordering a service from the Internet does not mean that you should scrimp on quality or service.  Don’t take anyone person’s word, check out their credentials, get the best for your money, but also listen to your own intuition, your own inner thoughts and feelings, yes you should like the person but make sure you have that balanced opinion.

What ever you are choosing, use all the skills that you would normally face to face.  Then grab that bargain & use it


Karen Goddard