PDF reports lay dormant!

If like me you are forever downloading PDF reports that then sit in your ebook folder never to be read.

It is time to take up my challenge ..look most of them are going to be about stuff that you either know already or that you don’t want to know,  right ?

…but in each of them their is probably one little gem that is just waiting to be found ..that one gem, that you can take, use and create from

…so my challenge to you is …to commit to reading 3 pdf reports a week ..

If you photoread, this will take 15 minutes -see the link below if you would like a very quick lesson in how to do this

If not then you can probably read them in 30 mins a day …before you start reading make it your intention to find at least one gem from your reading.

Take your pad and paper & write down the interesting bits as you go ..I have a bound book that I use to store my gems ..I re:read it once a month and get inspiration

I am amazed how much great stuff that is included in these little pdf  reports that have been just sat there …so let me know what you discover

** I recorded an interview with Marilyn Devonish recently and she gives a short insight to how to photoread ..have a listen .. **


Have fun learning 😉

Tomorrow I am 42…

Tomorrow I am 42……

Yes I really am that old!

At this time of year I have a little ritual that I do
..Itry on clothes that I haven’t worn for a year (mainly to see if they still fit!!) and I clear out all my junk both internally and externally!

So in 42 years what am I thankful for ?

I found , married and continue to love each day a little bit more and more ,my true soul mate Ian

I was brought up my amazing parents who taught me how to value life, to be open minded and accept people for who and what they are.

I have a brother and sister who love me and who have made who I am

I am lighter, fitter and healthier than I have been in the last 10 years

I live in SW France where the air is clear and the sky’s are blue

I know that I am loved and I love me too!

I am mortgage free (yeah !!!)

I have time to read, learn, love and laugh ..probably my 4 favourite things (oh & eating!)

I have my own business – something that I have desired for many years

I have some fantastic friends ..some I see often, others that I see occasionally
through social media, some who I may never actually meet!

Nature is all around me, growing and flourishing ..just as I am

My life is full of richness and love
I thank you for being part of it

Karen Goddard x