In the light of France

We moved to the SW of France 2 years ago ..moving from the out skirts of London. It was such a change of direction for us husband had never moved more than 4 miles since he was born well I had moved from London to Devon To the Midlands to London ..round in circles (somethings don’t change)

Anyway ..we ended up here in the SW of France near the Pyrenees.
When you think of the country side of France (especially in you have ever seen any Tour de France footage) you visualize beautiful scenery and snow peaked mountains, warm weather, lots of red wine, french bread and patisseries…..
And let me tell you aren’t disappointed!

I think the thing that I notice more than anything since moving here is the light.

I am not an artist at all – I have trouble coloring in the lines of a kid’s book, let alone being let loose with some paints and an easel ..but even I can tell how beautiful, how different the light is here.

The greens of the trees, the grass, the fields, the different shades and intensity are amazing.
The depths of colour. The ease that the most un-natural (!) colours just seem to blend together and defy our human interior laws.

I was walking the dog this morning and it was raining ..even then it was beautiful ..if not more so ..the yellows in the hedgerows shone, the purples and the cream ..weed like plants (I am not a gardener either !) they glistened like they were out of a glossy magazine picture was a feast to the eyes.

So I totally get why all the great artists would venture South for the light to paint..even now as I write this, it 9pm on a rainy June evening and the bright pink of the blooms on the roses seem more intense and the deep sunshine yellow of the rapeseed in the field opposite is still highlighting the dusk evening as it is setting – my favourite time of night as the sun is going and it becomes – what I call dimpsy (my husband laughs at me!)

So there you have my artistic love of nature coming out ..breath taking ..thank you mother nature