“H ow To Be SuperWoman,

SuperWife, SuperMum and


What’s the old quote ?

Cook in the kitchen, Executive in the boardroom, Mother in the nursery, and Lover in the bedroom ..WOW ..we must be SuperWoman!

..we, as women have amazing lives …

But are WE getting what we want from OUR lives ?

A lot of woman juggle so many things that they forget about themselves it time to look at your life and decide what you want?

We start out as adults wanting lots of things, a partner, children, a house, a great job, security, amazing friends, to have a great time, to help other people, to travel the world..this list could go on..

I assume that you can relate to at least one of them ..

So I have a couple of questions for you

  • Have you achieved any of them, all of them or some of them?
  • Are you working on them or are you just leaving theses “wants and desires” to chance ?

I know, in my life, that I achieved some of them..but some, when I achieved them I still wasn’t happy …for instance

I wanted a successful job, to be a high flyer, with authority, with responsibility and of course a nice whopping salary to boot!! …

When I got it did I feel ? ..listen, to be honest I was ecstatic initially, then after a year of hassle and long hours, not seeing my family and friends enough, I didn’t really want it anymore!

I felt sad because my dream was lost and I had to ask ..What next?

You see, these “corporate trappings” were fine but they didn’t fulfil me..does this make any sense to you ?

Do you know what I mean ?

I know that it’s not just me or just people in careers that feel this ..

My friend, Gail, she always wanted a family. Kids were really high up on her agenda. She had a great husband, who was very supportive of her being a full-time Mum, a luxury, many can not afford these days, she realised that she was very fortunate in this ..but as much as she loves her kids and love spending time with them ..she was bored and frustrated and couldn’t wait for something new.

Again ..she said that she felt like she wasn’t being SuperMum any more and that she was letting down her kids and her husband ..But at who’s expense? ..You got it ..HER’S (ring a bell?)

YOU are the most important person here, right here on this planet live this life once why not make it a happy one ?

You know what you want – Yes it can be hard to change your life ..but nothing is impossible if you have determination and some new idea’s, who knows?

Don’t get me wrong ..these examples are quite extreme ..sometimes it can be just deciding to buy a dishwasher rather than arguing about who is washing up night after night ..that can be the turning point ….Taking some action, making some sort of decision.

A change of focus . Little changes can make all the difference

Want to know what happened to our SuperMum Gail ?

..well, we chatted and it turned out that she had always wanted to be a school teacher (like I say she loves kids) she thought that she wasn’t bright enough or didn’t have time to study, or her kids were too little ..she had about 7 different excuses/ reasons, why she couldn’t fulfill her dream ..with a little encouragement and a few phone calls, she had an interview with a local playschool where they had vacancies for volunteer teachers assistant.

Hey presto happy lady !!

You see, life doesn’t have to be so complicated ..we can all be SuperWomen and we can all be what we want to be ..we just need some lateral thinking and you can achieve anything you want

I am running a workshop in Staines, Surrey on the 23rd October 2010 ..please come and have a chat and see how we, together, as SuperWomen can be truly fulfilled and happy

Or just feel free to check out my website for articles, and advice

Doing it with the lights on !

Needless to say if you ain’t got the lights on you are doing it in the dark..which is all very well if:

a) you don’t mind doing it by feel!


b) you have night vision goggles !light bulb -

so no before you all think I have gone a bit crazy ..let me explain..

By doing it by feel– I mean that whatever you are doing (!) are probably experiencing by the moment..either getting it right by sheer fluke and good luck or making mistakes, bumping into things and just totally getting it wrong.


By having night vision goggles – by having the right tools to be able to see where you are going, what your plan is, where you are heading and what you are doing

..the plan I like best is just having the light on …experience the feel, experience the vision and sight of the ride is for living ..were given all of our senses for a reason …I believe if we use all of them in everything that we do we will be so much more fulfilled in life.

So ..if you are ….

conquering a new sport; get the right equipment

if you are looking for love; love yourself first,  decide what you want from a relationship

Starting a new work project;  decide your outcome, make a plan, get all the right tools, the right coach

Turn the lights on ..and have fun doing it!

My Dad

My Dad……….

loves me unconditionally

makes me feel special for just being me

gives me advice when I don’t want to hear it

is sometimes wrong

is always there for me

is strong and true

taught me how to pick myself up & get on with things

is one of my hero’s

is a voice of reason

always bails me out when I need him

is my sounding board

is my cleaner and ironer

is my proof reader

is my idea’s bouncing board

is my memories

is my original coach and mentor

is the person who taught me to be open minded

taught me to forgive

taught me love people

taught me to be me

still tells me my skirts are too short

still says I need to put a coat on

always eats my cooking even when it is horrid

my Dad lets me look after him

My Dad is My Dad and I love him

Happy Fathers Day


The 6 “human” needs – In a dog’s life!!!

We have recently got a dog, he was a stray and in desperate need of a home, he was living rough and eating out of peoples bins, so we found a place for him with us and WOW what an impact he has made on all of us!
He is very gentle but he is huge and very strong, but has the nicest temperament. He was obviously once trained but he is very mischievous and is still only a puppy.

Rusty is the first dog I have owned since being an adult, so this experience really is enlightening. Being a life coach, I have found that I have been noting his behaviour and what I have been amazed about, is how many “human” traits he has.

You may or not know about the 6 human needs that we all crave
Everything that we do in life meets one of the 6 human needs – whether we like it or not!
The needs are:
• Certainty
• Variety
• Love and Connection
• Significance
• Contribution
• Growth

What ever we do meets one of these needs. Even when it is something that we shouldn’t be doing.
For example: I know I should be exercising but I don’t! ..If I think about this, my need for not exercising is meeting Certainty. I am certain I won’t enjoy exercising, I am certain that I will get bored long before it has done me any good – so why start at all!

However by finding situations in your life that meet all your needs is fantastic and if you can find ways to have more of these the more success you will have.

A positive example:
I love writing and from it I get all 6 of my needs met :
Significance – I feel proud of what I have written, knowing that
Someone, Somewhere in the world will share my thoughts – how powerful is that!
Variety – I get variety from all the different topics that I write about and research
Love and Connection – connecting to people from all over the world! The written word is such a powerful, expressive tool
Certainty – Someone will read my words and I know deep down that this is what I should be doing
Contribution – If just one phrase or word helps someone then how amazing is that!
Growth – I learn so much about me and how I think from my writing and research I am a never-ending student of life!

Back to my Dog Rusty!

He also seems to need to have these needs met – human or not!!!
Significance: He shows he is significant to us by guarding the door, running after the postman and has developed a great bark for people going past in their cars, (which he loves to chase)
Variety; Oh yes – socks, shoes, hankies – if Rusty is board then he gets destructive – he needs variety. He is also a little escape artist, all though we keep thinking we have Rusty proofed the garden he still manages to escape!
Love and Connection: As any dog owner will know, he lives to love us, always so pleased to see us and brightens up my day
Contribution: Not only does he brighten my day, he also calms me if I am feeling stressed. And he makes me walk him. Rusty is definitely contributing to my fitness regime!
Growth : whether it is learning to fetch a ball, rollover or just come on command – he is growing and learning constantly.
Certainty : He has to be included in what ever I am doing – he follows me around, whines if I go out and needs to have certainty that he is not going to be abandoned again! (never!!!)

So whether you are human or animal we all want or 6 “human” needs to be met.

Can you see something in your own life that you love to do and feel passionate about?
Write down a list of experiences that you have from this and see how many of these 6 human needs are being met – you will be amazed!

To find out more about how the brain works go to: