My Dad

My Dad……….

loves me unconditionally

makes me feel special for just being me

gives me advice when I don’t want to hear it

is sometimes wrong

is always there for me

is strong and true

taught me how to pick myself up & get on with things

is one of my hero’s

is a voice of reason

always bails me out when I need him

is my sounding board

is my cleaner and ironer

is my proof reader

is my idea’s bouncing board

is my memories

is my original coach and mentor

is the person who taught me to be open minded

taught me to forgive

taught me love people

taught me to be me

still tells me my skirts are too short

still says I need to put a coat on

always eats my cooking even when it is horrid

my Dad lets me look after him

My Dad is My Dad and I love him

Happy Fathers Day