Tomorrow I am 42…

Tomorrow I am 42……

Yes I really am that old!

At this time of year I have a little ritual that I do
..Itry on clothes that I haven’t worn for a year (mainly to see if they still fit!!) and I clear out all my junk both internally and externally!

So in 42 years what am I thankful for ?

I found , married and continue to love each day a little bit more and more ,my true soul mate Ian

I was brought up my amazing parents who taught me how to value life, to be open minded and accept people for who and what they are.

I have a brother and sister who love me and who have made who I am

I am lighter, fitter and healthier than I have been in the last 10 years

I live in SW France where the air is clear and the sky’s are blue

I know that I am loved and I love me too!

I am mortgage free (yeah !!!)

I have time to read, learn, love and laugh ..probably my 4 favourite things (oh & eating!)

I have my own business – something that I have desired for many years

I have some fantastic friends ..some I see often, others that I see occasionally
through social media, some who I may never actually meet!

Nature is all around me, growing and flourishing ..just as I am

My life is full of richness and love
I thank you for being part of it

Karen Goddard x