Emails …that is the subject !

You know yourself that we receive so many emails a day that we can’t possibly read all of them, and probably not want to!
So what makes your email stand out from the rest?

One of my coaches is a lovely lady called Carol Bentley– she is a copywriter and has been teaching me a whole heap of amazing tips and “how to’s” in copywriting for my seminar promotion website plus my other entrepreneurial business ventures. …I would totally recommend Carol’s services:

Anyway here are some tips that I have learned from Carol and along the way about email subject lines

Would you open it?

Well would you ? Put yourself in your readers shoes ..

Think about the emails that you receive which ones do you open and which ones do you just trash without a second glance you go through deciding for yourself ..take note will be amazed at what you find out ….Your readers will be similar to you …

Me I open emails based on:
who they are from (if I have received good content from them before)
If the subject line looks interesting
If the subject line is different

Make the subject Eye catching

How do you make it eye catching ..well make it exciting..make it a headline in it self..
when Carol taught me copywriting, she suggested that I write 100 headlines before picking a headline for my copy ..but what to do with the others?
…yep ..use them as subject lines.
Punchy ..look at me headlines ..intrigue your readers into opening and finding out more…..

Says what it does on the tin

Is there anything worse ? ..I hate opening up an email that has a great subject line and finding that its content is about something completely irrelevant (I also hate that in blogs & articles ..but I won’t start raving on !!)
So make your subject line relevant, let your readers receive what they are expecting. ..again look at my list of what makes me open my emails ..I trust the writer, I remember that they have given good information to me before if they then send me an email that has a title that is irrelevant to the email does it taint that trust?

First name

If you can , use your readers first name, everyone want to feel special, feel significant, it is one of human needs. So by using someones name it makes them feel as if you are writing personally to them …(which you are by the way …a lot of people forget that – write to them as an individual, not as a group)
Quick word of warning ..don’t use their name in every email subject line, as it will lose its effectiveness


Controversial headlines, subject lines will always catch attention… “Freddie Star ate my hamster” ..that was 25 years ago and we all still remember it !

But make sure the subject is relevant to what you are writing about…you will get attention but beware it may bring consequences ..for instance ..swearing or talking about sex may upset your readers and therefore you may lose followers ..
Weigh up the pro’s and cons carefully

Avoid using Spam words

Spam is fine in a sandwich but not in an email subject line (well actually to me neither is acceptable!)
some words trigger your spam filters (both in your computer and in your brain!)
..I have a list of 250 if you would like a copy please go here:

The average percentage of people opening your emails is between 20-30%
so make them count !
Give your readers:
Great eye catching,relevant subject lines
Great value in your content
Build a trusting relationship with your readers and then they will return

Doing it with the lights on !

Needless to say if you ain’t got the lights on you are doing it in the dark..which is all very well if:

a) you don’t mind doing it by feel!


b) you have night vision goggles !light bulb -

so no before you all think I have gone a bit crazy ..let me explain..

By doing it by feel– I mean that whatever you are doing (!) are probably experiencing by the moment..either getting it right by sheer fluke and good luck or making mistakes, bumping into things and just totally getting it wrong.


By having night vision goggles – by having the right tools to be able to see where you are going, what your plan is, where you are heading and what you are doing

..the plan I like best is just having the light on …experience the feel, experience the vision and sight of the ride is for living ..were given all of our senses for a reason …I believe if we use all of them in everything that we do we will be so much more fulfilled in life.

So ..if you are ….

conquering a new sport; get the right equipment

if you are looking for love; love yourself first,  decide what you want from a relationship

Starting a new work project;  decide your outcome, make a plan, get all the right tools, the right coach

Turn the lights on ..and have fun doing it!

Will my legs take it?

I have never been that keen on exercise ..I think it stems from when I as a kid..
I have always been tall and gangly arm and legs getting in the way and often falling over nothing.

When I run I look like so strange lumbering flightless bird ..not graceful or nimble.
At school I hated being tall ..always being picked to be in goal in the net ball team, always last to be picked on anything too energetic ..I know now it was because that was the vibe that I was putting out there
..hating every minute ..amazing how tummy ache or headaches appeared on a PE day!

Anyway I am a grown up (!) I have taken that dislike of exercise with me ..I believe that I am not that coordinated & therefore tennis, badminton etc is difficult ..but mainly by biggest problem is just being embarrassed.. I hate looking stupid. ..

T Harv Eker quote : How you do anything is how you do everything !

..and this is so true ..I stop myself doing things because I am embarrassed.
I hate the thought of people not liking me and feeling vulnerable ..
but the truth is …no one really cares one really takes that much notice ..and if they do it is for a fraction of a second….
…time to get over myself and get on with it!

So back to exercise ..I have been getting fitter walking the dog ..I love the countryside here so that one is easy.
As our car has broken down & the garage man is being typically French …lots of ohh & ahhing and looking perplexed and head shaking ..we have been with out the car for 9 days now & we live in the middle of nowhere ..hmmmm going a little stir crazy me thinks!

So today is the day ..when my Dad needs a prescription filled and we are down to our last 6 slices of bread today we are having a family outing on on byclettes and cycling down to the local supermarket (about 1 hour away) ….can’t say I am looking forward to it but I know it ain’t a big deal and I know that if I see the outcome in my mind as being achieved it will be .
So think of me this afternoon and pray that the shop is open when we get there (French opening times are very spasmodic at the best of times ) ..and that my poor legs & bottom survive an hour on the bike !
….Tour De France …here I come!

My Dad

My Dad……….

loves me unconditionally

makes me feel special for just being me

gives me advice when I don’t want to hear it

is sometimes wrong

is always there for me

is strong and true

taught me how to pick myself up & get on with things

is one of my hero’s

is a voice of reason

always bails me out when I need him

is my sounding board

is my cleaner and ironer

is my proof reader

is my idea’s bouncing board

is my memories

is my original coach and mentor

is the person who taught me to be open minded

taught me to forgive

taught me love people

taught me to be me

still tells me my skirts are too short

still says I need to put a coat on

always eats my cooking even when it is horrid

my Dad lets me look after him

My Dad is My Dad and I love him

Happy Fathers Day


Praise where praise is due.. to you!


I have just spent the weekend in the UK attending a great FREE seminar. There were 12 speakers, all multi-millionaire’s and obviously all promoting something..but WOW what gems they gave us, I learnt about Internet marketing,property, passive investments,tax avoidance (wow), business setups and stock market trading (already done that one but hey always a good reminder).

The whole experience was amazing.  Not only did I learn loads of hot tips, I also met loads of great people and hob-nobbing with successful people who walk their talk and actually started out from the same place as me is always completely inspiring.

This time last year I attended a Anthony Robbins UPW seminar which was brilliant,  I have just re-read my note that I took and I was a little ashamed to admit how little I have really done to get to my goal.  However after discussing with Ian (my husband) he pointed out that actually we have achieved quite alot;

  • We made a decision ..yes drums roll…In may 2009, I gave up my £40K+ job as an accountant and we moved to France from England
  • I have set up my website
  • We attended 2 major seminars
  • I studied NLP
  • I studied speed reading
  • I have directly helped  people to change their lives through my coaching this year
  • I have met some great people who will change my life in the future
  • I have made some  decisions regarding my health, my business and my relationships
  • We celebarated 10 years of marriage
  • I read at least 20 life changing/inspirational books

So I have acheived loads..unfortunatley we are not brought up to say “Well done me” to blow our own trumpet, to praise ourselves and celebrate when we are great…as Joseph McClendon tells to say…

You Freakin Rock!


Empower yourself..believe in what you do and you can achieve what ever you desire

..with love

Karen Goddard