Hey Santa, Don’t Stress at Christmas !

Yes, it is that time of year again when we run round like headless chickens trying to be super nice and buy super presents and have a super Christmas! ..But at what cost?

Stress  at Christmas can put you in a bad mood, spoil the day and why feel like that ?

When we lived in the UK the neighbours would have a “who can put up the most tackiest Christmas lights” competition and try to blow the local power station profits through the sky..they would run round like something demented checking continuously that they had out done   just enough..stress, stress, stress!  I ask you who needs stress at Christmas?

And the supermarkets  just go crazy, people buying so much food you would think that there was going to be some sort of shortage and that we would starve.  The food and drink piled high in their trolleys..could anyone actually eat and drink that much in one go or have a party that big !

The stress levels go up along with the credit card debt!

Now don’t get me wwrong..I love Christmas ..I love shopping ..so this time of year I am having a ball but the difference is ..I plan, I start early and I don’t stress about it

I have made my Christmas cake,  I have got 50% of my presents (and they are wrapped)I have planned what else I want to purchase.  I have planned what we are likely to need for the Christmas week and I know exactly where the christmas tree decorations are ..so I am all organised and ready for the day ..so I can relax, have a glass of Christmas cheer and know that Santa is not getting stressed this year!

Christmas Happy Report

Now you have probably read the list above and thought, good for you , how anal can you get! ..well maybe I am ..but we do it ever year so I write my lists, make my plans, a few  hours on the internet and I am sorted.

I love Christmas and all that it brings and who knows I might have a little idea that can reduce your  stress at Christmas just a little bit

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