Never as bad!

Things really are never as bad as you think they are going to be ..if you are honest!

How many times do we get ourselves all worked up and upset about something that actually never happens?

We as humans the drama ..we tend to fantasize about how bad things are going to be, based on our imagination or based on past events ..but ..the PAST does not equal the FUTURE? ..we have choice,  we can decide what our future holds and which path we take.

Many moons ago,  I worked for local government, helping people to pay their rent was a job, that in some ways I did enjoy, helping people sort out their finances and reassure them that it was going to be OK.  But at times I hated it, when the customers were rude and aggressive and felt like the world owed them everything ..anyway ..after leaving this job ..and since then, I am not very keen on using the phone..I get flustered and will do anything to put off making calls..

…but I know that I am a different person now ..a strong, more confident person who can do anything that I put my mind to..

So why is that niggling ..”oh my god, I’ve got to make some calls” ..constantly running through my head ? ..because I haven’t dealt with it here and now I am ….

Today and yesterday I have made 8 phone calls ..and taken the action that I needed to take ..and do you know…they were all jolly calls, full of love and appreciation ..see, it is never as bad as you think!

Do you have similar experiences ?  What do you battle with ?  ..comments please

Your choice

If I could give you a sneak preview of the

future, how would your world look?

If I could forward time along by 10 years –

If you could choose, what would you choose?

Would you choose the same job that you have?

Would you choose the same partner that you have

The same House

The same friends

The same income

The same life style

Would you have the same values?

Would you have the same sense of humour?

Would you have the same skills?

If I turn the clock back 10 years

What did you choose 10 year ago?

Did you choose the job that you are in

Did you choose the same partner that you have now

Did you choose the house that you now live in?

The same friends

The same income

The same lifestyle

Do you have the same values now that you did 10 years ago?

Do you have the same sense of humour?

Did you have the same knowledge then as you do now?

So back in time or forward in time – what did you choose?

Who you are now and who you will become are all due to the decisions that you make today.

SO Choose the job you want

Choose your perfect partner

Choose the house that you live in

Choose the friends that you have

Choose the level of income that you want to achieve

Choose the life style that you want

Choose the values that you hold in your life and the ones that need to be ditched –ditch!

Choose how you laugh – who you laugh with and at what

Choose to expand your knowledge

Choose to take action on that knowledge

It is your life get to choose how you live it

Take control

Make changes and Choose