Being a workaholic

I love working from home ..but it really takes some discipline !

Not discipline to start work ..but to stop!  ..Welcome to the world of a workaholic!

workaholicI have been known to get up at 5am &  log the computer on, my mind whirring with my latest idea’s. eat lunch at 3pm because I am so involved in what I am doing ! family nag me to take a break and bring me endless cups of tea ..but don’t get me wrong …I love it !!

When I get enthused by something I find it really hard to leave it alone…I love learning there are some many projects and endless tasks and systems that I learn on a daily basis ..fantastic!

Learning business, personal development and internet marketing is like a huge sweet shop for me much fun to be had ..all with the title of “business” ..and the great thing is

..I try them all out, test them out; so I can see what I like, what works, what doesn’t, what is fun to do and what is monotonous ..and then I can delegate the needed tasks as I wish cool!

As I have mentioned before, I use a little timer so that I do not spend too long on certain tasks ..and I have promised myself (and husband) that I will start using it to ensure that I take a break too.

We all need a break, in fact some of my best idea’s are when I take time out for me and focus on something else. Then the problem that I have been working on subconscious seems to find a way to the solution ..and hey presto time means solution time.

To me ..knowledge, and learning are most important in my life ..having fun and quality time with friends and family IS the most important.

SO ..I am off this afternoon to the local Jazz festival for some fun, drinks and a wander around the colourful market 😉

2nd time lucky

I have had a really hectic week so far and it is only Wednesday ! ..but hey hoo ..upwards and onwards.

I am running a business conference in Septemeber and I have been pulling togethr all the “free ” promotional bonuses and gifts and preparing the copy and web pages ..It all takes such time!

I thought I was a head of the game until a very good friend of mine pointed out that the video that I had put together for my promotion was a little long and a little waffly! ..I think she thought that I would be upset by her comments  ..but I wasn’t …because deep down I knew it was true ..I had rushed it and I certainly didn’t give it my best …

So ..I re: shot the video ..this time carefully preparing what I wanted to say and in which order and I also wrote a brilliant (although I say so myself!!) PDF report to accompany it..and when I finished I was proud at what I had done.

So the moral of this very short blog is …..listen to your own gut instincts know when something is “the best” and you know when it is just OK ..and even if you do feel tierd and fed up that you have to do it all over again ..take a deep breathe and try a different angle ..and you will make it so much better the second time 😉

You can see the short video and get your pdf here:

My online community

You know when you look at something and you just get the feeling that something good is going to come from all of this …

Well yesterday I had one of those days 😉

I was reading a report that my friend had sent to me to include as part of my launch process for my Business Seminar in September (quick plug ..hehe!.. find out more..  And I realised that I am surrounded by some really amazing people who just want to help me and everyone else ..what a fantastic concept!

I left the UK 2 years ago, I fancied a change in my life and the gloom and aggression that was surrounding my work life (hey being an accountant can be tough you know!) and the media reporting doom and disaster everywhere, I fancied a step back in time we ended up here in rural France, in the middle of nowhere, with snail’s pace Internet Connection and where shops shut for 2 hours at lunch time and not a DIY shop open on a Sunday!

The French here don’t seem to be as materialistic as we are in the UK, there are no pubs like in Britain and the way of life is based on family values and spending time together.

But ..a lot of the things that I disliked the UK for, are the exact things that I miss ..I miss 24 hour Tescos around the corner, I miss going to  the pub on a sunny evening with my friends, I miss having everything so instantly accessable.

In forging my new life here I have built my business mainly through social media.  I have surrounded myself with an online community who are interested in Personal Development.  They are supportive and caring, they want you to learn and grow, and most aren’t just trying to make a quick buck ..all the things that I wanted when living in the UK ..are right here online.

In building my business, I have asked my online community for support, for their input and advice..each time I have got this without question..from people I have never met or have only met because I spoke to them online first.

My community is fantastic, in the real world of commerce and enterprise, I found that this support only exists in rare situation but in the cyber world  (well my one anyway) it certainly does!

..people only achieve things when they help others – great things are coming 😉

Is your customer service killing your business?

Customer service me one of the key things that is important to me

Don’t you hate it when you buy something and then get really bad customer service when you need some help ?
Or even …when you are LOOKING TO BUY ..and the service is either rude and unhelpful or just totally ignores you
..hey ..forget it ..I am out of there lost!

I remember a story from years ago about a really scruffy looking guy who turned up at a BMW garage in a beat up escort, got out of the car and was meet with the look of disdain by the sales man …he got back into his car ..drove to the next town that also had a BMW dealership and got a warm, chatty reception from the guy there, really friendly but respectful. The sales guy let the man go for a test drive and try all the whistles and gadgets to his hearts content.
,,,the result ..the guy ordered 5 top of the range BMW’s for his executive staff and the friendly salesman made a nice big bonus! ..the guy also told the salesman about the other dealership who he had been to first ..result ..the salesman phoned the first dealership and thanked them for their lack of insight!!

Or ladies, do you remember the scene in Pretty Woman when she has to go shopping for a new outfit and the snobby shop assistants take one look at her and assume who & what she is…big mistake!
(one of my favourite films…had to mention it!)

There is so much competition out there these days ..people do not have to buy from you but they will buy from someone.
Yes, first impressions count ..but they can also be deceiving ..treat everyone as royalty!

What makes me buy ?
I would much rather buy from someone that:
I trust
I like
Who has been recommended to me
Who has guarantees
Who makes me feel special
Who isn’t all hype and no action
Who walks the walk

Now I know when a business is new it can be difficult, but
it takes just one or two references /testimonials from happy customers,
it takes a happy helpful person to be the sales person, who excepts that you are having a bad hair day and just come from the gym or you borrowed your friends car
It just takes a well thought out campaign to confirm what guarantees you have in place

A great tip that I had given to me ..was test your customer services out yourself …be a mystery customer of your own.
My friend was outsourcing his customer services queries for his business, he phoned up and was shocked at the response (dull and un-inviting) he then asked a slightly awkward question and he was again disappointed at the response …how many customers and potential customers had his outsourcing cost him? He now has a new company helping him and regularly checks what they are up to !

Don’t get complacent ..check that your customers are happy with the service, ask for feedback, ask for referrals, ask for testimonials, check yourself

Your customers happiness is paramount to your business and as the world becomes more and more connected and social media is becoming the key referral point ..then you need to enure your utmost to give the best customer service you can.

Kid in a candy store!

Have you ever felt like you a kid in a candy store?

Most of my connections in social media are from the world of Personal Development (facebook etc) and there is always a good vibe going on as well as some amazing information being passed between each other. There is some incredible, mind blowing stuff out there and I sign up to many email and blog subscriptions

My only problem is that I constantly get distracted by new & exciting opportunities being given to me.
For Instance:
In the last few days I have been invited to 2 amazing Internet Marketing seminars, I can receive 3 great new DVDs for free and I can learn more about NLP
….I know that this information is all first class information, from people who I have researched and have respect for (not like recieving some out of the blue email offer, trying to flog me some dodgy traffic builder or article sumbit pogram or something)
..these are good, worth listening to people …so what do I do first ? How do I choose which one ?

With good quality questions:
Will this help me personally or with my business or both?
Is this the direction that I want my business to go?
How much free time have I got that I can commit to this subject?
Could I look at this subject at another time ?
If I miss out on this opportunity NOW how will it effect me or my business?
Am I ready to learn this yet?
If I get all that is promised in the sales pitch how will I use it ?

I could go on ..but I am sure you get my point asking these questions, I feel that I am being responsible to myself and my business
…I can not do everything all at once & I don’t have time for distractions I am eating just one chunk at a time ! (pineapple cubes if you want to know!!)

Tomorrow I am 42…

Tomorrow I am 42……

Yes I really am that old!

At this time of year I have a little ritual that I do
..Itry on clothes that I haven’t worn for a year (mainly to see if they still fit!!) and I clear out all my junk both internally and externally!

So in 42 years what am I thankful for ?

I found , married and continue to love each day a little bit more and more ,my true soul mate Ian

I was brought up my amazing parents who taught me how to value life, to be open minded and accept people for who and what they are.

I have a brother and sister who love me and who have made who I am

I am lighter, fitter and healthier than I have been in the last 10 years

I live in SW France where the air is clear and the sky’s are blue

I know that I am loved and I love me too!

I am mortgage free (yeah !!!)

I have time to read, learn, love and laugh ..probably my 4 favourite things (oh & eating!)

I have my own business – something that I have desired for many years

I have some fantastic friends ..some I see often, others that I see occasionally
through social media, some who I may never actually meet!

Nature is all around me, growing and flourishing ..just as I am

My life is full of richness and love
I thank you for being part of it

Karen Goddard x