Praise where praise is due.. to you!


I have just spent the weekend in the UK attending a great FREE seminar. There were 12 speakers, all multi-millionaire’s and obviously all promoting something..but WOW what gems they gave us, I learnt about Internet marketing,property, passive investments,tax avoidance (wow), business setups and stock market trading (already done that one but hey always a good reminder).

The whole experience was amazing.  Not only did I learn loads of hot tips, I also met loads of great people and hob-nobbing with successful people who walk their talk and actually started out from the same place as me is always completely inspiring.

This time last year I attended a Anthony Robbins UPW seminar which was brilliant,  I have just re-read my note that I took and I was a little ashamed to admit how little I have really done to get to my goal.  However after discussing with Ian (my husband) he pointed out that actually we have achieved quite alot;

  • We made a decision ..yes drums roll…In may 2009, I gave up my £40K+ job as an accountant and we moved to France from England
  • I have set up my website
  • We attended 2 major seminars
  • I studied NLP
  • I studied speed reading
  • I have directly helped  people to change their lives through my coaching this year
  • I have met some great people who will change my life in the future
  • I have made some  decisions regarding my health, my business and my relationships
  • We celebarated 10 years of marriage
  • I read at least 20 life changing/inspirational books

So I have acheived loads..unfortunatley we are not brought up to say “Well done me” to blow our own trumpet, to praise ourselves and celebrate when we are great…as Joseph McClendon tells to say…

You Freakin Rock!


Empower yourself..believe in what you do and you can achieve what ever you desire

..with love

Karen Goddard