“H ow To Be SuperWoman,

SuperWife, SuperMum and


What’s the old quote ?

Cook in the kitchen, Executive in the boardroom, Mother in the nursery, and Lover in the bedroom ..WOW ..we must be SuperWoman!

..we, as women have amazing lives …

But are WE getting what we want from OUR lives ?

A lot of woman juggle so many things that they forget about themselves it time to look at your life and decide what you want?

We start out as adults wanting lots of things, a partner, children, a house, a great job, security, amazing friends, to have a great time, to help other people, to travel the world..this list could go on..

I assume that you can relate to at least one of them ..

So I have a couple of questions for you

  • Have you achieved any of them, all of them or some of them?
  • Are you working on them or are you just leaving theses “wants and desires” to chance ?

I know, in my life, that I achieved some of them..but some, when I achieved them I still wasn’t happy …for instance

I wanted a successful job, to be a high flyer, with authority, with responsibility and of course a nice whopping salary to boot!! …

When I got it did I feel ? ..listen, to be honest I was ecstatic initially, then after a year of hassle and long hours, not seeing my family and friends enough, I didn’t really want it anymore!

I felt sad because my dream was lost and I had to ask ..What next?

You see, these “corporate trappings” were fine but they didn’t fulfil me..does this make any sense to you ?

Do you know what I mean ?

I know that it’s not just me or just people in careers that feel this ..

My friend, Gail, she always wanted a family. Kids were really high up on her agenda. She had a great husband, who was very supportive of her being a full-time Mum, a luxury, many can not afford these days, she realised that she was very fortunate in this ..but as much as she loves her kids and love spending time with them ..she was bored and frustrated and couldn’t wait for something new.

Again ..she said that she felt like she wasn’t being SuperMum any more and that she was letting down her kids and her husband ..But at who’s expense? ..You got it ..HER’S (ring a bell?)

YOU are the most important person here, right here on this planet live this life once why not make it a happy one ?

You know what you want – Yes it can be hard to change your life ..but nothing is impossible if you have determination and some new idea’s, who knows?

Don’t get me wrong ..these examples are quite extreme ..sometimes it can be just deciding to buy a dishwasher rather than arguing about who is washing up night after night ..that can be the turning point ….Taking some action, making some sort of decision.

A change of focus . Little changes can make all the difference

Want to know what happened to our SuperMum Gail ?

..well, we chatted and it turned out that she had always wanted to be a school teacher (like I say she loves kids) she thought that she wasn’t bright enough or didn’t have time to study, or her kids were too little ..she had about 7 different excuses/ reasons, why she couldn’t fulfill her dream ..with a little encouragement and a few phone calls, she had an interview with a local playschool where they had vacancies for volunteer teachers assistant.

Hey presto happy lady !!

You see, life doesn’t have to be so complicated ..we can all be SuperWomen and we can all be what we want to be ..we just need some lateral thinking and you can achieve anything you want

I am running a workshop in Staines, Surrey on the 23rd October 2010 ..please come and have a chat and see how we, together, as SuperWomen can be truly fulfilled and happy

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Your Beliefs Your Future

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs are ,in essence anything that has ever happened to you in your life that has generated an action or reaction that in some way, shape or form, is now holding you back in areas of your life. It can be from something as simple as:

  • Maybe you were told as a child that you were a “mistake” and that has left you with low self esteem

  • Maybe at school the other kids laughed at you when you were running. Now you don’t like running or doing exercise because you feel foolish and don’t like the thought of being laughed at

  • Maybe your parents used to argue and now you believe that all relationships are like that.

  • Maybe you felt that someone let you down and now you struggle with trusting others.

  • Perhaps, you were “labeled” as “not bright” when you actually are very bright in some things but not others (hey who is?)

There are so many examples that I could use, the list would and could go on and on …

Everybody’s limiting beliefs are personal, individual and just as valid as the next persons. No ones are better or worse – They are unique to you

Where did they come from?

Well I think that you can see from the short list above, they come from:

Parents, family members, Kids at school, teachers, friends, the media (I am not a size 8 so I must be fat!!)other authority figures…infact anyone who has had a part of your life ..short or long term

Through Comments, hearsay, reading reports, TV, Media, discussions, lessons, passing remarks get the idea

So what can you do about them?

Let me tell you a story …(are you sitting comfortably? then I shall begin!)

Once there was a little girl who was bubbly and enthusiastic. She was a special little girl that everyone seemed to love and she was kind and sweet.

One day at Christmas she was asked to sing a solo at the Christmas nativity..she was so excited and believed that she could and was so happy to be up on stage in front of all those people to make them happy.

So the day came and she was in her little angel costume and it was time for her to sing her off she went singing “Away in a Manager”, when oopps ..she forgot the next line ..hesitating for a few moments ..she knew that if she started singing the song again she would remember the words, so she started from the first line again …the poor piano player struggled to keep up, but eventually the song was finished and smiling she took a bow ..happy that she had shared this Christmas song with the audience.

Once back with in the car with her parents they asked her if she had enjoyed it and why she had started the song again ..she explained still happy and excited ..then her Mum and Dad mentioned that the audience were laughing at her at that it was funny because the piano player couldn’t keep up ..the little girl went quiet and when she got home went straight to bed, sad and quiet.

Now many years on that little girl, all grown up, didn’t like going on stage or being in the public eye. When having to give a presentation she would get into a stressful state and stutter and struggled for her words..she was scared that she would be laughed at ….

That little girl was me ..and until I dealt with my fears and beliefs I was that grown up ..

I changed my limiting beliefs and found that actually I love being center of attention and that I can speak very well and articulate what I want to ..all from changing my perspective and interpretation of that event.

So what would have happened if I had not dealt with this ..well my work life would be limited , I was an accountant and I would not have been able to progress without being able to give presentations. I would not have had the confidence to be able to run the coaching presentations that I do, that help many people to achieve so many amazing things. I would have lived in fear, which can be detrimental to your health and vitality.

It was easy ..I just re-aligned my thoughts and took some action to move my life forward

…Change your focus and Change your life

To find out more about what I do and how I can help you to change you beliefs


Learning tips ..part 3

Learn to Understand, Not to Remember

This is key. When you are trying to learn something, focus on understanding and not remembering. Understanding creates associations with existing knowledge and makes a more powerful recall. When you understand something you tend to get excited and enthusiastic ..if you enjoy it you will more likely remember more!

How to draw a Recall Tree

This is a powerful memory technique, and is a lot like a mind map.
After you learn something or read something you want to remember, recall it and draw as a tree
Focus on keywords and not the story, Memory joggers.
Draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper and draw a series of branches off of this main line.
Expand each branch into the appropriate number of smaller branches, just like a branching tree. You draw a new sub-branch for each idea that derives from the main branch.
You end up with a branching tree with each branch containing a key word or very short phrase written on it.
Once you have done this from memory, review the information and fill in your recall tree with ideas or groupings that you missed during recall. The recall tree will be a powerful method of quickly reviewing and recalling the information in your later repetitions.
Try to reproduce it from memory 24 hours later.
Because this is such a practical method it is a fantastic tool ..if you have just 2 hours to learn something ..learn it for 30 minutes then draw your recall tree from memory then use the rest of the time reviewing and filling in the missed parts from your recall session

Have fun learning

Being happy and enjoying your learning will increase your memory ..Emotion creates chemicals in the brain be happy and remember 😉

Hope you enjoyed this little set of helpful hints about learning and recall..if you missed some of the other parts ..they are below

Learn and remember

More memory and learning tips …

Before You Go to Bed, As Soon As You Wake Up

The two very best times to learn something is immediately before going to sleep and immediately after waking up.

A good approach is to spend 20 minutes learning right before bed, then wait 10 minutes and recall and review it.

Go to sleep immediately following the recall and review.

Remember ..sleep is imperative to the learning process, that is when your conscious and subconscious work together and your long term memories are forged

Learn using all your senses

How often have you smelt something that reminds you of past times, or heard a song that takes you back to when you were young ..(I can see you smiling!)

Our senses and our memories are so entwined why not use this to our advantage ?

When you are learning something, if you can anchor this in your mind to a smell, taste, sound, sight or feeling then you are more likely going to be able to recall what you have learned. We are visual creatures, if you can visualise something that you want to learn this will help. Some people find this simple, other It may take some practice.

Discuss with others

By verbalising what you have learned to others it becomes more engrained in to you.

Have you ever been asked, in your job, to teach someone how to do something and then been amazed how much you know ..By recounting that knowledge you are re-affirming it in your memory as well as delving in to what you already know

Use different media

Following on from using your different senses.. Use more than one way to learn, ..there are so many different media forms now, Books, MP3, video, blogs..summarize what you have learned, draw pictures, visualise or perhaps use a mind map

Set your outcomes

When I first heard this ..I thought it was a little strange ..put it works!

By outlining your desired outcome, what you want to achieve from that learning session, makes you focus on what you want to learn..and once you achieve that outcome you will then link pleasure to what you learned therefore making it easier to recall

Preview the material. Read the summary of a book or document, glance through the chapter headings, read the first and last paragraphs of each section, read the first sentence of paragraphs, skim, etc. Try to get the main ideas before beginning.

Review the same way you previewed.

The Beginning and the End

You remember the beginning and the end of a learning session much better than the middle. So put all the most important facts at the beginning and the end of the session. There is a significant dip in the recall of information from the middle of your learning session.

More to come……

Remember, remember

Remember, Remember

I always thought that I had a good memory until I started to do some research ..I was quite shocked how much we don’t remember..A significant amount of memory loss occurs within the first few of hours after being exposed to new information but the good news is there are some tricks to help ..

Learning chunks

Your Hippocampus (part of your brain) needs time to consolidate what it has learned. So by cramming in too much information, the ability to consolidate it into long-term memory decreases.
So learn new things in chunks of 20 minutes but no longer than 40 minutes, then take a 10 minute break, do something different ..exercise, walking, jumping, stretching all helps your brain consolidate what you have learned
I have a exercise tool called a flexi bar that I use ..not only is it making me take a break and consolidate my learning but I am also doing a 5 minute workout ..super multi-tasking!
Then come back and do a 2 minute review of what you learned

Learn something that you are interested in

If you have a purpose for learning something and you can get excited about learning it then you are more likely to remember it..if you can relate to it, it is more real.
I’m sure you remember things from your school days and they are probably the topics that interested you rather than topics that didn’t

Repetition, repetition, repetition, the key to long-term memory

Re-expose yourself to the information in deliberately spaced intervals. Review what you have already learned – I tend to use a highlighter pen to highlight as I go through the first time I learn something and then when I review it I can quickly scan.
Online can be a little more tricky I normally take notes (with page numbers, times on videos etc)
Or using a mind map system or recall tree can also be an amazing tool and you tend to retain so much more
20 minute learning then a short break
2 minutes– review
After 90 minutes – review
After further 90 minutes – review
1 week – review
6 weeks – review
6 months – review
1 year – review

More learning tips to come this week ….

Being a workaholic

I love working from home ..but it really takes some discipline !

Not discipline to start work ..but to stop!  ..Welcome to the world of a workaholic!

workaholicI have been known to get up at 5am &  log the computer on, my mind whirring with my latest idea’s. eat lunch at 3pm because I am so involved in what I am doing ! family nag me to take a break and bring me endless cups of tea ..but don’t get me wrong …I love it !!

When I get enthused by something I find it really hard to leave it alone…I love learning there are some many projects and endless tasks and systems that I learn on a daily basis ..fantastic!

Learning business, personal development and internet marketing is like a huge sweet shop for me much fun to be had ..all with the title of “business” ..and the great thing is

..I try them all out, test them out; so I can see what I like, what works, what doesn’t, what is fun to do and what is monotonous ..and then I can delegate the needed tasks as I wish cool!

As I have mentioned before, I use a little timer so that I do not spend too long on certain tasks ..and I have promised myself (and husband) that I will start using it to ensure that I take a break too.

We all need a break, in fact some of my best idea’s are when I take time out for me and focus on something else. Then the problem that I have been working on subconscious seems to find a way to the solution ..and hey presto time means solution time.

To me ..knowledge, and learning are most important in my life ..having fun and quality time with friends and family IS the most important.

SO ..I am off this afternoon to the local Jazz festival for some fun, drinks and a wander around the colourful market 😉

Learning from yours, as well as other peoples mistakes!

I have been pretty tied up for the last few weeks organising and promoting my conference for September (blatant plug ..for more info go to


..this is the first multi-speaker event that I have run myself and I am exhausted, nervous, excited, scared, and exhilarated all at the same time ! ..I have learned loads in the process and I have some great people helping me and advising me along the way.

What I have done is, kept a list of things that I have done and what has worked well and what has been a disaster and what was OK but could have been improved..

Learning by your mistakes is hard but so fulfilling ..I thought that I knew what I was doing..I had a plan, I had, I thought, everything in place ..but still things have not worked out quite as I would have wished ..but it is learning process ..and I know that the Conference will be a success ..the speakers are amazing and have such a wealth of knowledge to share so only good things can come of it. learn from other people’s mistakes but don’t expect to not make your own.

You are an individual and we all have a different interpretation on how we do things and see thing

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