Focus Coaching

Does this describe how you are feeling
about your life?

Frustrated that your life just it isn’t quite what you wanted?

Disappointed that you thought that you were heading in the right direction only to find once you are there … you’re not sure what’s next ?

Bored ..With the same routine ?

Feel that you have a lack of purpose and drive ?

Something has change -relationship, kids grown up, expectations changed and now you seem to be at a loose end?

Just not happy or content ?

Firstly you are not alone ..Some will tell you its mid-life crisis or time of life or growing up or just life! ..But is it?

I got to my late 30’s and although I had (and have) an incredible relationship with my husband – I still felt that I was missing something, that my life had no purpose and I couldn’t see my life being any different in the next 10 years than the last 10 years with twice a birthday and off we go round the cycle again..sound familiar?

So..I decided that I needed to find out what more I wanted
What was holding me back from my dreams of …
..Writing a book, have my own business, living abroad, traveling, laughing more, connecting with my spiritual side, helping others, reading more, learning a language ..The list went on and on.


Want to know what was holding be back ?  …ME !!

not money or time ..Or any other excuse that I could come up with ..But ME!

I made all these excuses why I didn’t do all these things ..And yes some of my dreams did need other resources but most of them just needed a little action and some focus.
Even the ones that required more money or time could be solved with a little creative thinkingWOW – what a revelation this was


The process is very simple:

Connect to The Right People
Get The Right Mindset
Follow The Right Strategies

I want to help and inspire you to improve your lifestyle..change your focus and change your future ..Lets see how we can work together to discover what you truly want..

Find out more about me here and how to contact me

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