A very Special Inspiration..

We all admire and respect those individuals who make it happen in life and don’t let anything they want to seriously achieve stand in their way. Generally, such people inspire us as well as highlighting how much more we REALLY CAN achieve in our own lives.
We can learn so much from simply watching what they do and letting a little of their passion and enthusiasm rub off on us. For this reason I would like to introduce to you ‘Lele Nairne’ who is one of those rare multi-talented individuals. However, the surprising thing is that she is only 13 years old!
As well as being a National Judo champion Lele is a member of the British judo squad and is a player in most aspects of her life as well as being excellent at the piano and excels in her studies. She has an extremely entrepreneurial spirit and as you will soon discover has already learned the VALUABLE lesson of giving without obligation in order to build and develop long term relationships and expand her network of contacts.
I was first introduced to Lele at a seminar I recently attended although I knew of her talents and success long before that from her regularly updated blog which she has entitled:
‘A passion for life…
…and enthusiasm for excellence!’
This highly entertaining blog lives up to its name and offers you a rare ‘fly on the wall’ glimpse into the life and thoughts of a fascinating teenager who works tirelessly at achieving EVERY ONE of her goals and ambitions.
Anyone can enjoy her blog and newsletter…
Lele keeps her blog updated and adds two or three new easy to read articles or videos to it every week. For those who like a quick synopsis of her new posts she publishes a monthly newsletter entitled ‘Going for Gold!’ where she shares an additional insight into her short term goals and what she is trying to achieve as well as her frustrations.
Why does she do this?
As well as having a passion for writing and making new friends, Lele does have an ulterior motive.
Right now Lele does not get any sponsorship or support to fund the many training camps and international contest she needs to attend to stay at the top, so her dad made a deal with her. Lele has to find half of the money she needs to progress, and he will pay the rest; in this way she will really appreciate and make best use of her training.
Her blog and newsletter are her way of raising funds and at the same time generating a little positive PR and giving back to those people who do offer support or a donation however humble.
More importantly
Publishing and promoting a quality blog and newsletter is a skill in itself, and by doing this Lele is learning to look beyond her judo career and develop the other skills which will last the rest of her life especially when the contest aspect of her judo career comes to an end. She already has more than 1,000 subscribers to her newsletter so she is doing something right!
Take 5 minutes to watch the video she has made for you:…it’s EXCELLENT!
Her dad assures me that apart from a little guidance and technical know-how, Lele planned, wrote, recorded, and then cut and edited this video all by herself. Remember that there is no obligation, she only want the opportunity for you to get to know her.
You can view her video at: http://www.nairne.co.uk/support/
Thanks for your time. I hope that like me you also will become a Lele fan or follower and tell your friends about her also because talent like such as her should be rewarded with encouragement.

My favourite time of year

My favourite time of year:

I love this time of year, the happiness that sunny days bring you after a long winter, the expectation of spring and summer on their way.

I was driving past the river this morning and although it was quite grey and overcast today, the blossom on the trees and the buds on the bushes made me smile and be thankful for the seasons.

You have to have winters to appreciate the spring

The growth and expansion of new life that springs up around us, that develops and becomes sustainable, learning from nature and experience of how to get the best from the environment.

An exciting inspirational time indeed!

The graph of life

As an accountant I am used to designing graphs and charts to express the peaks and troughs of income and expenditure. As I was working today, I realised that my life is also a little like a graph, full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows.
Times of happiness, times of sorrow and lots of times in between.

When we reach the highs and lows in our lives, we tend to notice our state of mind, our physical body and emotional experiences. Which made me think;

What would it be like to be more mindful of all those times in between?

Would we experience more joy as we appreciate the little things, those individual little moments in our day? Like children tasting something for the first time and thinking it is the best thing ever!

Would we be more open to our weaknesses or by being more aware of our current state, mood and responses would we deal with the negatives sooner?

We often dwell longer on the negative aspects of our lives, wallowing in self doubt and uncertainty: I for one, in the past, have listened none stop to sad CD’s so I can feel sorry for myself just that little bit longer after a break up with a boyfriend. Or by watching depressing soap opera’s that are in no way up lifting or cheerful just so that I can escape from reality for a moment or two.

On the flip side why don’t we embrace the wonderful, exciting, happy events longer ? We tend to have short celebrations that are forgotten almost immediately.

So, let’s start celebrating and loving all the good times and relax a little more about the stress in our lives ..after all life is too short and we are responsible for all that happens in it.
We all have choices, sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith to take that different path

How Inspired are you?

Inspiration is a word that most people regularly use, it is a kind of magic that people believe in. It is a feeling, of something that is profound and could be described as incomprehensible.

Inspiration can make you feel hopeful, excited, thoughtful and can make you feel like you can take on the world. Or it can make you feel uncomfortable and fearful, fear of the unknown, the success that you may have if you take that inspiration and make your actions into something great, something amazing.

Many times I have been inspired by something I have read or heard or seen. Having that feeling, for a few minutes of amazing power and self belief, to be in awe of the possibilities that are open to me, only to have it shot down by my own inner demons spouting rubbish to persuade me otherwise or a friend or family member telling me that I am trying to be something that I am not.

Self sabotage is the arch rival to Inspiration.

Acting on inspiration does not come naturally to most people. Without practice no one can play a musical instrument, but practice reates the conditions in which inspiration can happen.
There are no laws, natural or otherwise, of inspiration, there are no experts who can teach it, though there are people who can teach us how to recognise it. Inspiration is beyond the realm of calculated intentions

We need to be receptive to the unfamiliar

We learn as children about inspired works of art, music, inventions, writing. People like Shakespeare, Di Vinci, Monet. Works that seem to be born from before their time. Beauty and cultures growing around them like some divine plan.
These works continue to inspire, breathtaking and thought provoking, feelings of love and something deep and unexplained touching or souls.

So what inspires me?
Well it depends on where I am in my life at that point in time.
I have been struggling these last few months to be inspired about my business and what I want to achieve from it but I have been loving my life and the world around me , finding that nature inspires me to appreciate all that I have:
When I walk in the country and I see how perfect and balanced the earth is, the seasons and the natural flow of life. I am inspired to appreciate it and I know that I am part of that ebb and flow of creativity.

I was inspired to make some changed to my life after having a tarot card reading (something that I did for fun and with an open mind) I found it exhilarating and positive and felt encouraged that I am again on the right track – all the things that I did know myself but was struggling to recognize.

I was inspired to write this short article after I read an old paper that discussed at length the word inspiration

The point is that inspiration is all around us, be open to it, don’t listen to your inner-self talk, but instead, take positive action and achieve what you want to achieve.

…so what inspired you?

Hey Santa, Don’t Stress at Christmas !

Yes, it is that time of year again when we run round like headless chickens trying to be super nice and buy super presents and have a super Christmas! ..But at what cost?

Stress  at Christmas can put you in a bad mood, spoil the day and why feel like that ?

When we lived in the UK the neighbours would have a “who can put up the most tackiest Christmas lights” competition and try to blow the local power station profits through the sky..they would run round like something demented checking continuously that they had out done   just enough..stress, stress, stress!  I ask you who needs stress at Christmas?

And the supermarkets  just go crazy, people buying so much food you would think that there was going to be some sort of shortage and that we would starve.  The food and drink piled high in their trolleys..could anyone actually eat and drink that much in one go or have a party that big !

The stress levels go up along with the credit card debt!

Now don’t get me wwrong..I love Christmas ..I love shopping ..so this time of year I am having a ball but the difference is ..I plan, I start early and I don’t stress about it

I have made my Christmas cake,  I have got 50% of my presents (and they are wrapped)I have planned what else I want to purchase.  I have planned what we are likely to need for the Christmas week and I know exactly where the christmas tree decorations are ..so I am all organised and ready for the day ..so I can relax, have a glass of Christmas cheer and know that Santa is not getting stressed this year!

Christmas Happy Report

Now you have probably read the list above and thought, good for you , how anal can you get! ..well maybe I am ..but we do it ever year so I write my lists, make my plans, a few  hours on the internet and I am sorted.

I love Christmas and all that it brings and who knows I might have a little idea that can reduce your  stress at Christmas just a little bit

Click here for your free

Christmas Happy Report

Do you have the winning attitude?

We all have the ability to see our dreams come true. The power of a dream is

powerful in the hands of a person with the right positive attitude; the winning


A dream that comes true is not just pure luck; but it is rather hard work, perseverance and a positive mind.

Focus Coaching

Change Your Focus, Change Your Future

The winning attitude is a positive mind. Do you think positive thoughts or is your mind filed with skepticism and negative thoughts that destroy every single dream?

If you want to see your dreams come true, start to think positive and look for an opportunity in what might not look too great.

Do you see the cup half empty or half full?

If you start with just one small seed, water it, nourish it, give it some sunshine it will grow ..

A dream is not just a goal you will see fulfilled in the future. No, a dream and a goal is a journey in which you go though adventures and hard work and enjoy your life.

You need to take some risks in life. Take the chance and do the impossible and get the experience of being on un-safe ground. That is where you grow and you will see a side of yourself you have never seen before.

Get out of your comfort zone – step into something new ..you don’t have to jump off of a tall building on your first day ..but how about climbing a small step-ladder

..How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time !!

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

–Frank Outlaw

We need to watch our thoughts. You are an influence on yourself and other people

..Who is your biggest critic? ..Yes YOU ARE! How many times a day do you have a voice in your head saying ..you can’t do this or you can’t do that ..STOP LISTENING! You can do anything that you truly want to! With help and guidance.

Start to think positive and visualize your dreams coming true in your mind. There is hidden power in your mind.

You are amazing, a human being, that tiny baby formed into this incredible person with huge potential just waiting to be released

Just have faith ..take those first steps, align, learn and carry on !


Victim or Victor

YOU always have the ability — in all of life to be either…the victim or the victor.

With the exception of “Acts-of-God,” which account for maybe 2% of life’s occurrences – 98% of your life, career, marriage, financial situation, family matters are ALL the result of…either things you DO or things you don’t do.
Seriously you can change the course of a life, a relationship, a career – in a heartbeat (as Tony Robbins says). If you truly want control, I believe that either you control your life or your life controls you.

Life is a wonderful thing.

You have the opportunity to do so many things, be so many things, achieve so many things, influence so many things, contribute to so many things.
But far too many – people today take the position of being victims. Victims of the economy. Victims of bad choices. Victims of bad luck. Victims of bad upbringing.

You hear time and time again of brothers who went through the same physical and emotional abuse, one turned out to replicate these traits, abusing others and passing in the negativity, the other a humble, caring human being wanting to give back to the community …how can this be ? Same events different outcomes….

What we do with circumstances and events really IS what determines who we are, what we are, what we achieve.

You can use this infinite opportunity to grow, add value, contribute to people and the world OR you can suck the life and emotion…and passion out of everyone you’re around.

We are in absolute control of our fates and destinies.

If you don’t like your life, you really CAN change it – even today. If you don’t like your body, you really can change it – with disciplined exercise and diet. If you don’t like your relationship, you can change it or end it – by taking meaningful corrective action.

But most people would prefer hoping, dreaming, remorsing or wishing rather than doing – “whatever it takes.” I’ve seen to many unhappy, unsuccessful people.
Guess what they almost ALL have in common? Nothing! Or more accurately, they do nothing meaningful to change their situation, circumstances or plight.

Buying a book you don’t read or don’t implement on isn’t something you should be proud of.
Attending a seminar you don’t follow through with isn’t any great achievement.
Paying a coach or consultant for guidance you don’t use or follow isn’t something to be proud of, either.

I’ve been in relationships that weren’t making me happy, once I had made the decision to leave then I felt better.

I’ve been in careers that were boring me, not fulfilling me so I reinvented myself and found new areas of opportunity.

It was never-ever a “piece-of-cake.” It takes critical thinking, courage, committed and continuous forward motion and action.
You may find that the first “knee jerk” reaction to situations don’t always produce the desired result that we want, this may just be because our action just need a little tweaking, a small change to the courses direction can make a huge difference.
Think about it, A plane takes of from New York, if it just went in a straight line would it end up in London ? ..no ..the pilot needs to plot the course, adjust for wind speeds and other atmospheric changes..small changes gets you to your target.

Most people “give up” the first time they hit resistance, a setback or non-success…in any aspect of their lives. Is it any wonder so few people achieve much (or any) of the life’s pleasures, payoffs and the pursuits they say they want?

What’s I’m trying to tell you is that all that you have always had and wanted for yourself and family, you have today – right now at this moment and you will have it equally available throughout the rest of your life – total, absolute and magnificent control of almost everything you want, crave and/or don’t want and wish to improve.

Whether you pro-act or react. Whether you initiate or contemplate.
Whether you feel victimized or “empowerized” is really…totally up to YOU!

There’s a relevant story I’d like to end on – it’s old but appropriate.

Two young Indian braves wanted to embarrass the wise medicine man intheir village. So they decided to take a small bird and hold it in their hands behind their backs. Then they would ask the wise man whether thebird was alive – or dead. Whichever he answered, they planned on embarrassing the wise man. If he said it was alive – they’d break thebird’s neck before they held it out.

So when the braves went to ask the wise man whether the bird being held behind their backs was alive or dead, he simply replied “The answer lies in YOUR hands.”

Your fate, your happiness, your prosperity…your health – it ALL lies in your hands.

I hope sincerely that you will make the absolute most of the rest of your life. Because, my friend – you absolutely can and that’s all you’ve got.

My inspiration for this was based on an email from Jay Abraham- I found it so true and therefore re-worded it and made it relevant to my story

I hope that you too find it inspiring

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