A very Special Inspiration..

We all admire and respect those individuals who make it happen in life and don’t let anything they want to seriously achieve stand in their way. Generally, such people inspire us as well as highlighting how much more we REALLY CAN achieve in our own lives.
We can learn so much from simply watching what they do and letting a little of their passion and enthusiasm rub off on us. For this reason I would like to introduce to you ‘Lele Nairne’ who is one of those rare multi-talented individuals. However, the surprising thing is that she is only 13 years old!
As well as being a National Judo champion Lele is a member of the British judo squad and is a player in most aspects of her life as well as being excellent at the piano and excels in her studies. She has an extremely entrepreneurial spirit and as you will soon discover has already learned the VALUABLE lesson of giving without obligation in order to build and develop long term relationships and expand her network of contacts.
I was first introduced to Lele at a seminar I recently attended although I knew of her talents and success long before that from her regularly updated blog which she has entitled:
‘A passion for life…
…and enthusiasm for excellence!’
This highly entertaining blog lives up to its name and offers you a rare ‘fly on the wall’ glimpse into the life and thoughts of a fascinating teenager who works tirelessly at achieving EVERY ONE of her goals and ambitions.
Anyone can enjoy her blog and newsletter…
Lele keeps her blog updated and adds two or three new easy to read articles or videos to it every week. For those who like a quick synopsis of her new posts she publishes a monthly newsletter entitled ‘Going for Gold!’ where she shares an additional insight into her short term goals and what she is trying to achieve as well as her frustrations.
Why does she do this?
As well as having a passion for writing and making new friends, Lele does have an ulterior motive.
Right now Lele does not get any sponsorship or support to fund the many training camps and international contest she needs to attend to stay at the top, so her dad made a deal with her. Lele has to find half of the money she needs to progress, and he will pay the rest; in this way she will really appreciate and make best use of her training.
Her blog and newsletter are her way of raising funds and at the same time generating a little positive PR and giving back to those people who do offer support or a donation however humble.
More importantly
Publishing and promoting a quality blog and newsletter is a skill in itself, and by doing this Lele is learning to look beyond her judo career and develop the other skills which will last the rest of her life especially when the contest aspect of her judo career comes to an end. She already has more than 1,000 subscribers to her newsletter so she is doing something right!
Take 5 minutes to watch the video she has made for you:…it’s EXCELLENT!
Her dad assures me that apart from a little guidance and technical know-how, Lele planned, wrote, recorded, and then cut and edited this video all by herself. Remember that there is no obligation, she only want the opportunity for you to get to know her.
You can view her video at: http://www.nairne.co.uk/support/
Thanks for your time. I hope that like me you also will become a Lele fan or follower and tell your friends about her also because talent like such as her should be rewarded with encouragement.

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