How Inspired are you?

Inspiration is a word that most people regularly use, it is a kind of magic that people believe in. It is a feeling, of something that is profound and could be described as incomprehensible.

Inspiration can make you feel hopeful, excited, thoughtful and can make you feel like you can take on the world. Or it can make you feel uncomfortable and fearful, fear of the unknown, the success that you may have if you take that inspiration and make your actions into something great, something amazing.

Many times I have been inspired by something I have read or heard or seen. Having that feeling, for a few minutes of amazing power and self belief, to be in awe of the possibilities that are open to me, only to have it shot down by my own inner demons spouting rubbish to persuade me otherwise or a friend or family member telling me that I am trying to be something that I am not.

Self sabotage is the arch rival to Inspiration.

Acting on inspiration does not come naturally to most people. Without practice no one can play a musical instrument, but practice reates the conditions in which inspiration can happen.
There are no laws, natural or otherwise, of inspiration, there are no experts who can teach it, though there are people who can teach us how to recognise it. Inspiration is beyond the realm of calculated intentions

We need to be receptive to the unfamiliar

We learn as children about inspired works of art, music, inventions, writing. People like Shakespeare, Di Vinci, Monet. Works that seem to be born from before their time. Beauty and cultures growing around them like some divine plan.
These works continue to inspire, breathtaking and thought provoking, feelings of love and something deep and unexplained touching or souls.

So what inspires me?
Well it depends on where I am in my life at that point in time.
I have been struggling these last few months to be inspired about my business and what I want to achieve from it but I have been loving my life and the world around me , finding that nature inspires me to appreciate all that I have:
When I walk in the country and I see how perfect and balanced the earth is, the seasons and the natural flow of life. I am inspired to appreciate it and I know that I am part of that ebb and flow of creativity.

I was inspired to make some changed to my life after having a tarot card reading (something that I did for fun and with an open mind) I found it exhilarating and positive and felt encouraged that I am again on the right track – all the things that I did know myself but was struggling to recognize.

I was inspired to write this short article after I read an old paper that discussed at length the word inspiration

The point is that inspiration is all around us, be open to it, don’t listen to your inner-self talk, but instead, take positive action and achieve what you want to achieve.

…so what inspired you?

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