Your Beliefs Your Future

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs are ,in essence anything that has ever happened to you in your life that has generated an action or reaction that in some way, shape or form, is now holding you back in areas of your life. It can be from something as simple as:

  • Maybe you were told as a child that you were a “mistake” and that has left you with low self esteem

  • Maybe at school the other kids laughed at you when you were running. Now you don’t like running or doing exercise because you feel foolish and don’t like the thought of being laughed at

  • Maybe your parents used to argue and now you believe that all relationships are like that.

  • Maybe you felt that someone let you down and now you struggle with trusting others.

  • Perhaps, you were “labeled” as “not bright” when you actually are very bright in some things but not others (hey who is?)

There are so many examples that I could use, the list would and could go on and on …

Everybody’s limiting beliefs are personal, individual and just as valid as the next persons. No ones are better or worse – They are unique to you

Where did they come from?

Well I think that you can see from the short list above, they come from:

Parents, family members, Kids at school, teachers, friends, the media (I am not a size 8 so I must be fat!!)other authority figures…infact anyone who has had a part of your life ..short or long term

Through Comments, hearsay, reading reports, TV, Media, discussions, lessons, passing remarks get the idea

So what can you do about them?

Let me tell you a story …(are you sitting comfortably? then I shall begin!)

Once there was a little girl who was bubbly and enthusiastic. She was a special little girl that everyone seemed to love and she was kind and sweet.

One day at Christmas she was asked to sing a solo at the Christmas nativity..she was so excited and believed that she could and was so happy to be up on stage in front of all those people to make them happy.

So the day came and she was in her little angel costume and it was time for her to sing her off she went singing “Away in a Manager”, when oopps ..she forgot the next line ..hesitating for a few moments ..she knew that if she started singing the song again she would remember the words, so she started from the first line again …the poor piano player struggled to keep up, but eventually the song was finished and smiling she took a bow ..happy that she had shared this Christmas song with the audience.

Once back with in the car with her parents they asked her if she had enjoyed it and why she had started the song again ..she explained still happy and excited ..then her Mum and Dad mentioned that the audience were laughing at her at that it was funny because the piano player couldn’t keep up ..the little girl went quiet and when she got home went straight to bed, sad and quiet.

Now many years on that little girl, all grown up, didn’t like going on stage or being in the public eye. When having to give a presentation she would get into a stressful state and stutter and struggled for her words..she was scared that she would be laughed at ….

That little girl was me ..and until I dealt with my fears and beliefs I was that grown up ..

I changed my limiting beliefs and found that actually I love being center of attention and that I can speak very well and articulate what I want to ..all from changing my perspective and interpretation of that event.

So what would have happened if I had not dealt with this ..well my work life would be limited , I was an accountant and I would not have been able to progress without being able to give presentations. I would not have had the confidence to be able to run the coaching presentations that I do, that help many people to achieve so many amazing things. I would have lived in fear, which can be detrimental to your health and vitality.

It was easy ..I just re-aligned my thoughts and took some action to move my life forward

…Change your focus and Change your life

To find out more about what I do and how I can help you to change you beliefs



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