Learning tips ..part 3

Learn to Understand, Not to Remember

This is key. When you are trying to learn something, focus on understanding and not remembering. Understanding creates associations with existing knowledge and makes a more powerful recall. When you understand something you tend to get excited and enthusiastic ..if you enjoy it you will more likely remember more!

How to draw a Recall Tree

This is a powerful memory technique, and is a lot like a mind map.
After you learn something or read something you want to remember, recall it and draw as a tree
Focus on keywords and not the story, Memory joggers.
Draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper and draw a series of branches off of this main line.
Expand each branch into the appropriate number of smaller branches, just like a branching tree. You draw a new sub-branch for each idea that derives from the main branch.
You end up with a branching tree with each branch containing a key word or very short phrase written on it.
Once you have done this from memory, review the information and fill in your recall tree with ideas or groupings that you missed during recall. The recall tree will be a powerful method of quickly reviewing and recalling the information in your later repetitions.
Try to reproduce it from memory 24 hours later.
Because this is such a practical method it is a fantastic tool ..if you have just 2 hours to learn something ..learn it for 30 minutes then draw your recall tree from memory then use the rest of the time reviewing and filling in the missed parts from your recall session

Have fun learning

Being happy and enjoying your learning will increase your memory ..Emotion creates chemicals in the brain ..so be happy and remember 😉

Hope you enjoyed this little set of helpful hints about learning and recall..if you missed some of the other parts ..they are below


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