Learn and remember

More memory and learning tips …

Before You Go to Bed, As Soon As You Wake Up

The two very best times to learn something is immediately before going to sleep and immediately after waking up.

A good approach is to spend 20 minutes learning right before bed, then wait 10 minutes and recall and review it.

Go to sleep immediately following the recall and review.

Remember ..sleep is imperative to the learning process, that is when your conscious and subconscious work together and your long term memories are forged

Learn using all your senses

How often have you smelt something that reminds you of past times, or heard a song that takes you back to when you were young ..(I can see you smiling!)

Our senses and our memories are so entwined ..so why not use this to our advantage ?

When you are learning something, if you can anchor this in your mind to a smell, taste, sound, sight or feeling then you are more likely going to be able to recall what you have learned. We are visual creatures, if you can visualise something that you want to learn this will help. Some people find this simple, other It may take some practice.

Discuss with others

By verbalising what you have learned to others it becomes more engrained in to you.

Have you ever been asked, in your job, to teach someone how to do something and then been amazed how much you know ..By recounting that knowledge you are re-affirming it in your memory as well as delving in to what you already know

Use different media

Following on from using your different senses.. Use more than one way to learn, ..there are so many different media forms now, Books, MP3, video, blogs..summarize what you have learned, draw pictures, visualise or perhaps use a mind map

Set your outcomes

When I first heard this ..I thought it was a little strange ..put it works!

By outlining your desired outcome, what you want to achieve from that learning session, makes you focus on what you want to learn..and once you achieve that outcome you will then link pleasure to what you learned therefore making it easier to recall

Preview the material. Read the summary of a book or document, glance through the chapter headings, read the first and last paragraphs of each section, read the first sentence of paragraphs, skim, etc. Try to get the main ideas before beginning.

Review the same way you previewed.

The Beginning and the End

You remember the beginning and the end of a learning session much better than the middle. So put all the most important facts at the beginning and the end of the session. There is a significant dip in the recall of information from the middle of your learning session.

More to come……


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