Learning from yours, as well as other peoples mistakes!

I have been pretty tied up for the last few weeks organising and promoting my conference for September (blatant plug ..for more info go to http://seminarboost.wordpress.com)


..this is the first multi-speaker event that I have run myself and I am exhausted, nervous, excited, scared, and exhilarated all at the same time ! ..I have learned loads in the process and I have some great people helping me and advising me along the way.

What I have done is, kept a list of things that I have done and what has worked well and what has been a disaster and what was OK but could have been improved..

Learning by your mistakes is hard but so fulfilling ..I thought that I knew what I was doing..I had a plan, I had, I thought, everything in place ..but still things have not worked out quite as I would have wished ..but it is learning process ..and I know that the Conference will be a success ..the speakers are amazing and have such a wealth of knowledge to share so only good things can come of it.

..so learn from other people’s mistakes but don’t expect to not make your own.

You are an individual and we all have a different interpretation on how we do things and see thing

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  1. Carol Dodsley
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 07:50:31

    Making mistakes is such a great way to grow too – so many people let their mistakes affect them in a negative way and move them down a notch in their confidence or take flight and run away rather than look at what went wrong, celebrate themselves for giving it a go in the first place and being proud that they came out of their comfort zone and just did it” no matter what the results were.

    There is always a hidden diamond in everything and when you make a mistake, if you look at what upi have learnt, what you have achieved in the process and what you can change and tweak in the future as well as what hidden diamond has come out of it, then you will have confidence to simply go out there and do whatever you want to do without fear or failure (which of course doesn’t exist, only feedback and learning).

    Confidence & successs come not from being certain you will achieve perfectly but from certainty that you can deal with whatever uncertainty comes your way and knowing that often the outcome is not as important as the experience.


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