2nd time lucky

I have had a really hectic week so far and it is only Wednesday ! ..but hey hoo ..upwards and onwards.

I am running a business conference in Septemeber and I have been pulling togethr all the “free ” promotional bonuses and gifts and preparing the copy and web pages ..It all takes such time!

I thought I was a head of the game until a very good friend of mine pointed out that the video that I had put together for my promotion was a little long and a little waffly! ..I think she thought that I would be upset by her comments  ..but I wasn’t …because deep down I knew it was true ..I had rushed it and I certainly didn’t give it my best …

So ..I re: shot the video ..this time carefully preparing what I wanted to say and in which order and I also wrote a brilliant (although I say so myself!!) PDF report to accompany it..and when I finished I was proud at what I had done.

So the moral of this very short blog is …..listen to your own gut instincts ..you know when something is “the best” and you know when it is just OK ..and even if you do feel tierd and fed up that you have to do it all over again ..take a deep breathe and try a different angle ..and you will make it so much better the second time 😉

You can see the short video and get your pdf here:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr. Google
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 17:32:57

    Great blog,

    I read the blog and saw the video and I think the presentation should go very well. I agree with your assessment on quality management. Personally, presenting something that is of poor quality stresses me out a lot more than having to redo it so its perfect. Thank you for the post.


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