Being Grumpy is up to me!

Some days you can just deal with anything that the world chucks at you. You will battle with any thing or any one who gets in your way ..totally focused and goal orientated like a bulldozer you drive straight though, ignoring any hiccups or pain along the way….but on other days…

On other days feel vulnerable, you feel less than your usual perfect self.  You tell yourself that you can’t do stuff, you listen to all the negative self talk …and you let your self feel horrid! what do I do in these situations?

I acknowledge it

..I tell myself that I am just having a bad couple of hours.

I sit and think about how I am a winner, that I have acheived so much and all the negative talk is just noise

Getting frustrated and annoyed is normal ..and feeling sorry for myself , does not help !

So I go for a walk or I clean something (scrubbing pots and pans is fab!)

If I can do something fun or uplifting (singing to good music helps!)

…I choose to feel better

but …just to prove I am human ..sometimes I just like being grumpy

..sometimes I decide I want to feel like this & wallow in my self pity usually lasts for a couple of hours and then I get bored !

So ..acknowledgement is key aware what mood you are in..and change it

…if you want !

I would love your comments and to know if it is just me that has these moments ..please leave feedback 😉

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becky York
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 19:02:52

    Totally agree;

    Being grumpy about being grumpy is a perfect way to spoil any day.
    And acknowledgement is definitely the key, and accepting that 1) I’m a bit off colour and 2) I’m quite content to stay this way.
    “And having removed the need to change, you’re free to do anything you want” ~ Jamie Smart


  2. Mike Fountain
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 09:26:31

    I think that this is a common experience for many self employed people out there.

    Sometimes it just does get on top of you and you DO feel GRUMPY!!

    The best solution I have found is to open myself up and expand my team. I have made amazing connections with people that now support me, keep me on track and push my horizons.

    This has to be the best way forward, as a team, as opposed to sitting alone in your office waiting for things to happen.

    T – Together
    E – Everyone
    A – Achieves
    M – More



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