My online community

You know when you look at something and you just get the feeling that something good is going to come from all of this …

Well yesterday I had one of those days 😉

I was reading a report that my friend had sent to me to include as part of my launch process for my Business Seminar in September (quick plug ..hehe!.. find out more..  And I realised that I am surrounded by some really amazing people who just want to help me and everyone else ..what a fantastic concept!

I left the UK 2 years ago, I fancied a change in my life and the gloom and aggression that was surrounding my work life (hey being an accountant can be tough you know!) and the media reporting doom and disaster everywhere, I fancied a step back in time we ended up here in rural France, in the middle of nowhere, with snail’s pace Internet Connection and where shops shut for 2 hours at lunch time and not a DIY shop open on a Sunday!

The French here don’t seem to be as materialistic as we are in the UK, there are no pubs like in Britain and the way of life is based on family values and spending time together.

But ..a lot of the things that I disliked the UK for, are the exact things that I miss ..I miss 24 hour Tescos around the corner, I miss going to  the pub on a sunny evening with my friends, I miss having everything so instantly accessable.

In forging my new life here I have built my business mainly through social media.  I have surrounded myself with an online community who are interested in Personal Development.  They are supportive and caring, they want you to learn and grow, and most aren’t just trying to make a quick buck ..all the things that I wanted when living in the UK ..are right here online.

In building my business, I have asked my online community for support, for their input and advice..each time I have got this without question..from people I have never met or have only met because I spoke to them online first.

My community is fantastic, in the real world of commerce and enterprise, I found that this support only exists in rare situation but in the cyber world  (well my one anyway) it certainly does!

..people only achieve things when they help others – great things are coming 😉


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