When you have something to say, say it!

When you have something to say, say it!

I am a nice person (truly I am!) And I am probably the last person to do this because I don’t like hurting people’s feeling , so I end up tieing myself in knots about how to speak to people about issues or if I have to let people down I get in a terrible state ..even though I know that I will be nice about it …

I was brought up to believe that If you haven’t got something nice to say ..then don’t say it !

I do live by this as best I can ..but I am no saint ..I am snappy and think I know best alot of the time (which I do obviously!!) …there are a few family members that seem to press my buttons and wind me up ..I suppose that we all have those people in our lives.

But I think that I am quite measured, I make every effort to think before I say something and how it will be received

..I also like people who get to the point , you know when people start beating around the bush ..if you have something to say then say it ..but there are people who are direct, to the point of being aggressive ..it is all down to interpretation..what is acceptable to you may not be to someone else,

and that is the problem with the online world.

When we send an email ..we send it with our words and meaning ..but your reader may receive it with a totally different meaning .

It is important to use all the copywriting skills and marketing talk but at the end of the day …if you have something to say it !  …be clear ..be direct ..tell your reader in simple terms what you want them to do

My challenge for the week is to be direct and supportive to my peers, to write all my emails in a clear, direct unambiguous way …I will let you know how I get on !


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  1. Kevin Martyn
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 08:28:25

    Nice article Karen,

    If you don’t mind me adding to this I would like to say that you need to get your big guns out right at the top of the page. What I mean by this is that some people tend to leave their biggest benefit as a sort of surprise which they build up to and reveal well into their sales page.

    Unfortunately, this technique does not work in copy and if you want to get the maximum response, then you need to get your BIGGEST benefits out there and identified right up front. Otherwise your reader may never get that far and discover the benefit you could have provided for them.

    Kevin Martyn


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