Emails …that is the subject !

You know yourself that we receive so many emails a day that we can’t possibly read all of them, and probably not want to!
So what makes your email stand out from the rest?

One of my coaches is a lovely lady called Carol Bentley– she is a copywriter and has been teaching me a whole heap of amazing tips and “how to’s” in copywriting for my seminar promotion website plus my other entrepreneurial business ventures. …I would totally recommend Carol’s services:

Anyway here are some tips that I have learned from Carol and along the way about email subject lines

Would you open it?

Well would you ? Put yourself in your readers shoes ..

Think about the emails that you receive which ones do you open and which ones do you just trash without a second glance you go through deciding for yourself ..take note will be amazed at what you find out ….Your readers will be similar to you …

Me I open emails based on:
who they are from (if I have received good content from them before)
If the subject line looks interesting
If the subject line is different

Make the subject Eye catching

How do you make it eye catching ..well make it exciting..make it a headline in it self..
when Carol taught me copywriting, she suggested that I write 100 headlines before picking a headline for my copy ..but what to do with the others?
…yep ..use them as subject lines.
Punchy ..look at me headlines ..intrigue your readers into opening and finding out more…..

Says what it does on the tin

Is there anything worse ? ..I hate opening up an email that has a great subject line and finding that its content is about something completely irrelevant (I also hate that in blogs & articles ..but I won’t start raving on !!)
So make your subject line relevant, let your readers receive what they are expecting. ..again look at my list of what makes me open my emails ..I trust the writer, I remember that they have given good information to me before if they then send me an email that has a title that is irrelevant to the email does it taint that trust?

First name

If you can , use your readers first name, everyone want to feel special, feel significant, it is one of human needs. So by using someones name it makes them feel as if you are writing personally to them …(which you are by the way …a lot of people forget that – write to them as an individual, not as a group)
Quick word of warning ..don’t use their name in every email subject line, as it will lose its effectiveness


Controversial headlines, subject lines will always catch attention… “Freddie Star ate my hamster” ..that was 25 years ago and we all still remember it !

But make sure the subject is relevant to what you are writing about…you will get attention but beware it may bring consequences ..for instance ..swearing or talking about sex may upset your readers and therefore you may lose followers ..
Weigh up the pro’s and cons carefully

Avoid using Spam words

Spam is fine in a sandwich but not in an email subject line (well actually to me neither is acceptable!)
some words trigger your spam filters (both in your computer and in your brain!)
..I have a list of 250 if you would like a copy please go here:

The average percentage of people opening your emails is between 20-30%
so make them count !
Give your readers:
Great eye catching,relevant subject lines
Great value in your content
Build a trusting relationship with your readers and then they will return


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