Doing it with the lights on !

Needless to say if you ain’t got the lights on you are doing it in the dark..which is all very well if:

a) you don’t mind doing it by feel!


b) you have night vision goggles !light bulb -

so no before you all think I have gone a bit crazy ..let me explain..

By doing it by feel– I mean that whatever you are doing (!) are probably experiencing by the moment..either getting it right by sheer fluke and good luck or making mistakes, bumping into things and just totally getting it wrong.


By having night vision goggles – by having the right tools to be able to see where you are going, what your plan is, where you are heading and what you are doing

..the plan I like best is just having the light on …experience the feel, experience the vision and sight of the ride is for living ..were given all of our senses for a reason …I believe if we use all of them in everything that we do we will be so much more fulfilled in life.

So ..if you are ….

conquering a new sport; get the right equipment

if you are looking for love; love yourself first,  decide what you want from a relationship

Starting a new work project;  decide your outcome, make a plan, get all the right tools, the right coach

Turn the lights on ..and have fun doing it!

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