Blue sky and birds flying

I know I have a charmed life, sitting in the sun here in France (I do work hard too ..honest!)

view from our garden

View from our garden

Yesterday I was having my lunch in the sun looking at the beautiful blue sky with not a cloud in it.  I was watching a bird just drifting on the warm air currents, darting about quite happily.  In fact I was quite envying him, the panoramic view and the peace up there …until when two smaller birds swooped in on him and started attacking him, defending their territory.

They were making a right racket and continued their circling and attacking aggressively until the bigger bird gave in and floated by towards the adjacent fields.

With in 5 minutes the little birds had both gone off to try their bullying tactics on someone else and the bigger bird returned flying around, going back to what he was doing before being so rudely interrupted!

It made me think we ever just need to walk away?

Move away from unpleasant situations?  Move away and let the air calm ?

Sometimes it is us being unreasonable or defending our area and sometimes our defending is out of fear or ignorance.  Can we walk away ?  Can we return when we know a better way or a different way?

I am a peacemaker, I shy away from confrontation, I stand my ground but will always walk away to try to keep the life is simple why complicate it !

All these thoughts from just 3 birds flying around ..not bad for a quiet lunch !


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  1. Kevin Martyn
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 11:56:41

    Any fool can scream and shout and act aggressively and unsurprisingly most fools do! It is always best to run away to fight another day whenever possible. However, there are occasions when one has to do stand their ground and defend their territory. Be WELL prepared for such occasions!


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