Dr Who and Vincent Van Gough!

As an avid watcher of Dr Who , I was a little upset when David Tennant left the series as well as the fabulous writer Russell T Davies..and I waited for the Dr Who to find his feet ..(is that a regeneration fault ?!  ;0)

Anyway after a few weeks ..I am hooked ..love it ..which brings me to Vincent Van Gough!

The episode where Amy and the Dr.  meet Vincent in the bar and take him home to where all his iconic painting are.  He shows them the picture below and explains that is the way that he sees the world ..in all of its beauty..my favourite is below…

van gough

Imagine seeing the world like that ..which led me to thinking about how we view the world ourselves and how we see ourselves in it.

So, How Do You See Your World?

In my mind,  I see myself with a tall, slim, solid body.  My hair and face are perfect (hey, I am woman, these things are important to me)and dressed beautifully

In reality, someday’s when I see the above in my mind, when I look in the mirror I see a completely different view, bed hair, no make up and scruffy clothes and looking rather more rounded than I care!

Then the biggest shock ..on camera ..worse video ..real life (!) moving pictures of me and what I assume everyone else sees…scarry..

I have this squeaky voice on camera,  that to me, in my head sounded deep,  and on camera I think I look awkward and self conscious where again in my head I am confident and aware.

Different perceptions of one world ..they say that seeing is believing ..but through whose eyes ?

So which is real ?  which ever one you believe in at that time


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