Kid in a candy store!

Have you ever felt like you a kid in a candy store?

Most of my connections in social media are from the world of Personal Development (facebook etc) and there is always a good vibe going on as well as some amazing information being passed between each other. There is some incredible, mind blowing stuff out there and I sign up to many email and blog subscriptions

My only problem is that I constantly get distracted by new & exciting opportunities being given to me.
For Instance:
In the last few days I have been invited to 2 amazing Internet Marketing seminars, I can receive 3 great new DVDs for free and I can learn more about NLP
….I know that this information is all first class information, from people who I have researched and have respect for (not like recieving some out of the blue email offer, trying to flog me some dodgy traffic builder or article sumbit pogram or something)
..these are good, worth listening to people …so what do I do first ? How do I choose which one ?

With good quality questions:
Will this help me personally or with my business or both?
Is this the direction that I want my business to go?
How much free time have I got that I can commit to this subject?
Could I look at this subject at another time ?
If I miss out on this opportunity NOW how will it effect me or my business?
Am I ready to learn this yet?
If I get all that is promised in the sales pitch how will I use it ?

I could go on ..but I am sure you get my point asking these questions, I feel that I am being responsible to myself and my business
…I can not do everything all at once & I don’t have time for distractions I am eating just one chunk at a time ! (pineapple cubes if you want to know!!)


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  1. Kevin Martyn
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 08:33:32

    Asking quality questions is a SKILL, and asking yourself HIGH QUALITYquestions is an even more important skill that very few people have will use. Many years ago my first mentor taught me that if you ask yourself the difficult questions in life it will make your life become easier as you get older, and by contrast, those that ask the easy questions, or NO questions at all tend to have a more difficult life as they become older.

    So here I am a few days of my 54th birthday realising just how true those words of wisdom really were. Learn to ask yourself difficult questions, think first and ask others quality revealing questions.

    Kevin Martyn


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