Careful what you visualise!

I am just back from a week away in London where I attended a seminar.  I had two “light bulb” moments – you know when the lights come on and you truly understand something or finally figure out what you have been missing.  So I thought I would share my moments with you.

I have been, for a little while trying to build my website and start an Internet marketing business.  To-date I have done OK but traffic is slow and I am getting  a little frustrated with it all.  After having lunch with one of the speakers (so cool to chat face to face with millionaires and be able to ask them questions directly)  I had my first enlightened moment… if I want to set up a business I have to treat it like a business..yes I know it is simple but obviously so am I! 

For all this time I have been “playing” at my business, probably because I hadn’t defined what I truly wanted to do.  I haven’t had the right tools to the job but instead I have used “cheap make do” versions.  I have spent lots of time getting these tools to work how I want them to let alone a huge amount of time to learn how to use them.

Lesson learned:

  • Define my business
  • Get the right tools to do the job
  • Become a professional and stop playing

lightbulb-girlMy second aha ! moment was a little more traumatic for me.  I am not a huge fan of speaking in public,  I am not really shy but I do lack confidence and suffer extreme panic when asked to speak up in front of people.  So let me tell you what happened:

It all started when I went to book the seminar.  The email described the events and the opportunity to have someone “pimp” your website.  Great I thought, I really need help so I visualised myself winning this chance.  Every time I thought of the weekend I visualised me winning.

At the seminar, the time came for delegates to put their names forward for the prize.  I queued and was about to walk away when the lady next to me said ..”she is next, pointing to me”…so down went my name.

Over lunch I felt really worried, getting myself in a bit of a state much so I considered returning and removing my website name from the list..but I didn’t.  The time came for the final 7 and yes there was my website, far worst than anyone  .  Scary event number 1:  standing up in front 80 people explaining why my site does what it does.  Anyway I survived that just…and yes you guest it ..I won.   So there I was standing, now up on stage, in front of 80 people and worse having to be interviewed for an audio recording about my site ..scary, scary stuff!!

..WOW I did it and actually, after I got over the wobbaly voice,  uncontrolable shaking and sweaty palms,  I enjoyed it…mountain I am now looking into learning how to speak publicly and perhaps run some of my own seminars – what a turnaround!

So be careful what you visualise and when you go to jump over those uncomfortable hurdles remember how good you will feel having achieved what you wanted all along.

Live for today ..set those hurdles high


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