Doing it whose expense

I may be a late starter (at 40!) but this is the first blog I have written.  I was led down this path by several other forums that I participate in that  have been giving me advice to how I should market myself as a life coach….so here I am.

My journey has led me to join loads of forums, learn how to be a copywriter (finding that one tough), how to use google and adwords, how to build and design my own website, and now how to write a  BLOG!

lifestartsMy biggest issue has not been learning all these things (although my brain does feel a little full these days) you see I love learning.  My biggest issue is staying on track…I have come to realise that I lack discipline.  I tend to flit from one exciting learning curve to the next, not quite mastering any…

so my lesson for today myself…make a commitment that I will

  • do one thing at a time.
  • I will organise my work
  • dedicate certain time slots for certain tasks.
  • That I will prioritise my to do list and stop pressurising myself so much

– at the end of the day to do it all you pay a price whose expense ?…mine


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